See Kate Beckinsale In A Super Short And Sexy Dress

Kate Beckinsale showed up to the 2023 Golden Globes in a jaw-dropping white mini-dress.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has yet to be honored with a Golden Globe nomination, but the gorgeous lead of the Underworld franchise didn’t need to be teased with a trophy to show up at this week’s awards ceremony. The Jolt star posted a carousel of glamorous images of herself wearing a sexy bubble mini dress to her Instagram account, including closeups of her jewelry and makeup. You can see those images below.

Designed by August Getty Atelier, Kate Beckinsale’s outfit includes a mesh section over her chest and a snug bodice. It was chillier than normal in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, hence the elegant and sexy white faux fur coat in the second shot. The final photo shows a close up of the stunning actress, highlighting her glittering drop earrings.

For most of the photos, Kate Beckinsale is joined by celebrities who are much better known on the other side of the Atlantic. On her arm for three of the shots is British TV personality Vas J Morgan, best known as a contestant on the reality series The Only Way Is Essex. Morgan hosted the Golden Globes after-party Beckinsale attended.

In the second shot with Beckinsale and Morgan is singer-songwriter Rita Ora. Not quite as famous in the States, Ora is perhaps best known to American audiences as the wife of Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi. In fact, while promoting Lightyear last June, Waititi abruptly ended an interview when asked about his (at the time, still “rumored”) engagement to Ora.

It’s possible Kate Beckinsale was hoping to get a few nominations this year. She may be known best for kicking butt and wearing black leather in the Underworld films, but the actress and model has been branching out into much more dramatic territory in the last few years.

kate beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale in The Widow

In 2019, Kate Beckinsale led the British drama series The Widow and two years later she was cast as the lead of Paramount+’s dark comedy Guilty Party. More recently she starred alongside Emmy winner Brian Cox of Succession fame in the drama Prisoner’s Daughter. Beckinsale plays a single mother while Cox plays her father — a recently released convict desperate to reconnect with his daughter.

Unfortunately, critics have not been kind to Kate Beckinsale’s forays outside of action movies. The Widow (57 percent) and Guilty Party (40 percent) suffered in the Rotten Tomatoes critic ratings. Reviewers often praised Beckinsale’s and Cox’s performances in Prisoner’s Daughter, but hated the writing.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and has yet to announce a wide release.

Kate Beckinsale’s next feature film will see the 49-year-old stunner return to action. In the espionage thriller, Canary Black, she’ll play a CIA agent forced to turn on the agency in order to save her kidnapped husband. The film is directed by Pierre Morel, best known for helming 2008’s Taken.