Kate Beckinsale Bares It All In Sexy Transparent Gown

Kate Beckinsale is radiant in a sparkling gown that leaves very little to the imagination.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

kate beckinsale

In the years since Kate Beckinsale shot to fame for playing a vampire in Sony Pictures’ Underworld, fans have often joked about what her character might have been like if she had starred in any of the Twilight movies alongside Robert Pattinson. And for years, the only way to get a possible answer to how she’d deal with a world of glittering vampires was to turn to fan fiction. However, Beckinsale recently showed off her glittering form (albeit not a vampire one) at the US Fashion Trust awards, and she did so in a transparent gown that showed off every inch of her toned and gorgeous body.

The jaw-dropping look was put together by Julien Macdonald and Gabriela Gonzalez, and while we haven’t seen everyone that attend the awards show, we’re certain that Beckinsale’s look was one of the best. Strategic solid lines throughout the dress not only allow it to be worn out in public but also put emphasis on the strong foundation that resembles a classic Roman sculpture. No matter how good the foundation is, or the dress in general, it requires an excellent model to truly bring it to life, and Kate Beckinsale understood her mission.

On paper, Kate Beckinsale’s gown sounds more conservative than it is: it’s a floor-length gown (she’s leaving those tiny miniskirts to Brie Larson), that makes shoulder pads cool again. What makes the gown so jaw-dropping, though, is that it is transparent to the point of being nearly nude. And the parts that aren’t transparent utilize a nude mesh color that blends seamlessly with her skin, giving her a look hotter than the sunlight most vampires fear.

Speaking of vampires, we’re pretty sure now that Kate Beckinsale may be one as opposed to just playing one in the movies. The actor is 49, but you would never guess that by looking at her. She looks less than half her age in these stunning images, forcing us to ask for the millionth time just how Pete Davidson was able to hook up with her.

kate beckinsale

If it was anyone else posting these sizzling pics online, they’d probably just let their smoking body do all the talking, but Kate Beckinsale was happy to give credit where credit was due. For example, she pointed out that actor Scout LaRue Willis (one of the daughters of Bruce Willis) is one hell of a singer whose vocal talents made Beckinsale’s entire table cry. Beckinsale also thanked the founder of Fashion Trust, Tania Fares, for “a lovely inspiring night” and also thanked the fashion designers behind her haute couture outfit, which she memorable described as a “sparkly silver pretty girl amazing dress.”

Aside from leaving all of us dazed by how good she looks in this gown, Kate Beckinsale has also been busy as an actor. She has upcoming projects that include Fool’s Paradise (one of Ray Liotta’s final films, so we don’t have to say his last performance was in Cocaine Bear) and Canary Black, in which Beckinsale plays a woman who will do almost anything to get her husband back after terrorists kidnap him.

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