See Kate Beckinsale Posing In Sexy Floral Print And Heels

Kate Beckinsale looks great showing off this sexy floral gown and platform heels in her California garden.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is a multi-talented star of film, television, and theater. She can portray an ass-kicking, latex-clad assassin, a 1940s-era nurse who has to find romantic chemistry with Josh Hartnett, a Jane Austen heroine for the ages, or Alice in Wonderland herself. It may be that Kate Beckinsale has found her true calling on social media, where she frequently uses her very popular Instagram to show off her adorable pets, her affinity for foxes and lions, and best of all, her fascinating and stylish looks. Sometimes she even does a couple of those at once, like in this new post. Check it out:

In this new set of pictures on Instagram, Kate Beckinsale is posing in a long, flowing kaftan and a pair of platform heels. According to her tags, the kaftan is by designer Julia Clancey, who is very fortunate to have found one of the most gorgeous women in the world to model it. The white and red floral dress hangs off one tanned shoulder, and Kate Beckinsale has paired it with a pair of large black sunglasses to stave off the California sun. 

The second photo of the set sees Kate Beckinsale now sitting on a large padded hammock, beaming at her Pomeranian Myf, who is sitting by her feet. In the next, Myf has now been upgraded to sitting by her side (now with a huge smile on her own doggy face), while Kate Beckinsale has tucked her hands beneath her chin in a coy pose. The fourth and final photo of the set has the actress and the Pomeranian now gazing at each other with adoring looks, which is pretty gosh darn charming to see.

In recent years, Kate Beckinsale has increasingly returned to smaller-scale dramas like The Only Living Boy in New York, the Marc Webb coming of age movie alongside Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Bridges. She also starred in her first television series in 20 years with the Amazon Prime Video with The Widow, which also starred legendary British actor Charles Dance. In that series, she starred as a woman who believes that her husband died in a plane crash over Africa but comes to believe that he may have survived and sets out to discover the truth.

While Kate Beckinsale is far and away most famous for her role as the deadly vampire assassin Selene in the Underworld series. That franchise currently has five theatrical release films and has grossed over $500 million worldwide (despite overwhelmingly negative reviews). While there have been numerous attempts to develop a television series based on the franchise or crossovers with other series like Blade and Resident Evil, none of them have come to fruition. Kate Beckinsale has herself indicated that she would be theoretically open to returning to the series, but thinks it is unlikely that it will continue. At least for now, we can be pretty excited that she has such a solid social media presence that we get to see her in outfits like this.