See Kate Beckinsale Partying In A See-Through Dress

Kate Beckinsale has returned to Instagram and she's wearing an amazing see-through dress in her latest post.

By Jessica Scott | Published

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is all dressed up for her “Next awards night moment” on Instagram. The always lovely actress is wearing a silver see-through dress and matching cape with a pink boa-like border that makes her look both elegant and alluring. If one clicks through all of the photos in her post, they will also see that her “favourite best supporting actor” is sharing the spotlight with her in the last picture – and that actor would be her cat, who is looking grumpy in a little blue sweater.

Kate Beckinsale rose to fame for her action-packed role in the Underworld film series, but according to an interview with People magazine, she doesn’t think of herself as “an action actress at all.” She would probably prefer to sit at home and watch television than to fight bad guys with her tough-girl moves, but audiences would never know that.

Once she got all that attention for her role fighting werewolves and vampires in Underworld, it was tough for Kate Beckinsale to get cast in other roles. She got “pigeonholed” after starring in the series of five films, because everyone thought of her as basically a female Jason Statham.

According to Kate Beckinsale herself, though, the percentage of action films on her resume is actually much, much smaller than the percentage of other roles. The action films, though, are “louder,” so they have garnered more attention than other roles she has played – and with which she identifies more as a person.

In 2022, for instance, Kate Beckinsale played a single mother trying to patch things up with her dad in Prisoner’s Daughter, which is a completely different type of movie. She likes to try different things, and reportedly tried out for Underworld without actually having any dreams of becoming an action actress. “I did it as an experiment to see if I could do it,” she said, when in reality, she was not “sporty” in the slightest.

kate beckinsale

In real life, Kate Beckinsale is not a thrill-seeker. She likes playing strong, independent female characters, but she also points out that that doesn’t always necessarily equate to characters that shoot guns or literally kick ass. 

To prove the point that Kate Beckinsale is not really an action heroine in real life, she reported that the role that landed her in the hospital was not, as one would expect, her role in Underworld, or even one that really involved stunts. While filming Prisoner’s Daughter, she hurt her leg just putting on a pair of leggings, something that probably wouldn’t have impressed her Underworld character very much.

Luckily, though, Kate Beckinsale has a sense of humor about the fact that she wound up in the hospital for putting on pants the wrong way instead of falling off a building or jumping out of a plane or something of that nature, which is just one of the many reasons why fans love the actress – even if she isn’t really as sporty as the characters she plays.