See Kate Beckinsale Partying In A Pink See-Through Babydoll

By Dan Lawrence | 3 months ago

kate beckinsale serendipity

Kate Beckinsale has brought Galentine’s a week forward. The actress took to Instagram with close friend Nina Kate posing in matching outfits that boast plenty of fashionable flair. The pair wore matching sheer pink dresses, whilst Beckinsale added black stockings and the highest of shimmering white heels to her ensemble.

In the post below, Beckinsale and Nina Kate can be seen posing for the camera in their babydoll style outfits. The two share a dance and even stop for a spot of arts and crafts. A fluffy grey house cat even got involved in the fashion fest!

It is clear Kate Beckinsale is enjoying herself in 2022 thus far, as this post with Nina Kate follows similar antics from the actress’ Instagram account just yesterday. In this post, Beckinsale can be seen with producer friend Jarrett Sackman and a cat, who Footwear News confirm is called Clive. The pair dance around and play with toy guns, all the while Clive takes center stage, unwilling to engage in the antics. Perhaps, Clive the cat is vying to be the star of the show.

For now, though, it would appear that Kate Beckinsale is very much star of her own story, with Clive the cat set for a co-starring role at best. However, Clive has been a common thread in Beckinsale’s posts in the past so perhaps there is hope for him yet. And whilst the Underworld’s most recent post is a strictly gal-pal affair, some fans have been musing if romance is on the horizon. 

The Daily Mail reported that retired Australian Cricketer Shane Warne is a regular admirer of Beckinsale’s content. This has had fans wondering if Warne is merely flirting, or if there is something more to it. The Australian former Cricket sensation regularly comments and likes on Beckinsale’s Instagram posts. 

Instagram admirer’s aside, Beckinsale looks to be living life to the fullest. The actress had a leading role last year in the Amazon Prime feature Jolt. Kate Beckinsale stars as Lindy, a bouncer with severe anger management issues who shocks herself to control her violent urges. While her psychiatrist (played by Stanley Tucci) attempts to keep her on the straight and narrow, a murder close to Lindy sets her on a violent rampage. The film was marked as a solidly entertaining flick and further marks Beckinsale as a true action heroine. 

That action label nearly caught up with Beckinsale, who was hospitalised last year during filming on another project. Working on an upcoming feature Prisoner’s Daughter, the actress was admitted to hospital owing to back injuries. The film, currently in post-production, sees Kate Beckinsale star alongside Brian Cox. The film centres on Beckinsale’s character attempting to reconcile with her father (played by Cox) following his release from prison after twelve years. Obviously, this hospital visit was a mere blip in the road for Kate Beckinsale. Her stylistic outpouring across social media shows no signs of slowing down and nor should it. While fans wait for her future projects to hit the screen, they can be kept thoroughly entertained by Beckinsale’s high fashion, light-hearted and fun stream of content.