See Kate Beckinsale Wearing See-Through Pajamas

By David Harrison | Published

kate beckinsale

When it comes to social media some celebrities really understand the assignment. They know how to get engagement beyond just their roles in films or endorsements, and they see how to drum up interest from fans to keep the group engaged. Kate Beckinsale is definitely one of those folks. She’s busy on Instagram giving all kinds of snapshots and windows into her life whether it’s getting a bit weird with the pets, inviting the oddball animal into the house, or just donning some wacky apparel, the actress kind of just gets it. And when it’s time to keep it simple, well, she understands that as well. Recently she took to Instagram to post a picture lying in bed in white pajamas that don’t seem to leave all that much to the imagination. Check out what she posted and see what fans are saying about it.

The actress doesn’t reveal the whole kit and caboodle here but she does make a note about where the pajamas came from in the first place and why. They were a birthday gift from her mother, though I can’t imagine many families trading these kinds of gifts around the special day. But then again, not everyone here is in the same family with Kate Beckinsale, so the bar is being set a bit differently. It’s pretty clear she’s enjoying the gift and there’s some chance, with the way the line was phrased, that this is something of a tradition in the family. Saying they were “deployed” almost sounds like it was expected in some way or form.

And the Kate Beckinsale post has gotten fans stirred up as well. As of this writing, she had more than 38K likes with all manner of approval being sent not only for the special day but for the gift as well. From this perspective, Kate Beckinsale is working to please a bigger crowd. She currently has 5.4 million followers on Instagram, a healthy number all things considered. Part of that is the level of engagement she shows in her feed. Recent posts include her chronicling the caring for a pet fox, crushing the fashion scene, hanging out with friends, or just similar to this one, lounging around in bed

As for the acting side of things, well, Kate Beckinsale is plenty busy there as well. She’s coming off of her series Guilty Party which streamed on Paramount+ last year. There’s no word on whether or not it will return for a second season on the streamer. And she has some movies on the way. The first is Tonto which is written and directed by Charlie Day. The cast is excellent with Day and Beckinsale starring but also includes Jason Sudeikis, John Malkovich, Edie Falco, Jillian Bell, and many others. It is likely due out sometime next year. 

Plus Kate Beckinsale also has Prisoner’s Daughter and Canary Black lined up. So there’s plenty on the docket for the actress who is now celebrating another trip around the sun in style. I suppose we can thank her mom for that one.