Photos Prove Kate Beckinsale Had A Nose Job? The Facts Are In

By Renee Hansen | Published

kate beckinsale

Jolt actress, Kate Beckinsale, is undeniably a beautiful and intelligent woman but the high standards of beauty for celebrities are unattainable without a bit of help. Photos of Beckinsale have circulated online, showing that it appears the actress had a nose job, which she denied in a 2021 interview with The Times, as reported by US Magazine.  

Kate Beckinsale looks flawless on the red carpet, in photographs, and in her numerous roles. However, she confided that she gets “pissed off” when people comment that she has had work done. She has no issue with others who receive cosmetic work; it just isn’t for her. The actress says her mother’s voice is always in her head, telling her something significant will go wrong with cosmetic procedures. 

In the early 2000s, the BBC labeled Kate Beckinsale an English Rose. This moniker is used in English culture and is reserved for naturally beautiful women. Her beauty would land her a job modeling for a Gap commercial co-starring Orlando Bloom, which Cameron Crowe directed. She also appeared in a Diet Coke commercial, an Absolut Vodka print ad campaign, and Lux shampoo for Japanese TV. 

Kate Beckinsale has remained adamant that she has had no work done. She is fearful of being one of the people who will get a droopy eye from Botox, which statistically is only 5% of patients who receive the injections. But this would then prove her 76-year-old mother, Judy Leo, correct. Beckinsale stated she would then have to listen to her mother tell her, I told you so. 

Other actresses who have spoken out against receiving Botox and other cosmetic treatments include Drew Barrymore on an episode of her The Drew Barrymore Show stated she would like to avoid any treatments but to “never say never.” Cameron Diaz actually tried injectables but quickly realized she wasn’t a fan. In 2021, Jennifer Lopez said she has yet to seek Botox treatments but said one day she may.

kate beckinsale

Jennifer Garner chooses to look in the mirror less, stating that it just makes her obsess over changes that she could need on her face, though that is not true. Halle Barry has stated that we all age, and it is a natural process that happens to everyone. but did add she has often felt pressure to get plastic surgery. This shows that Kate Beckinsale isn’t the only one opting to avoid injectables or other treatments to keep up their appearance.

The actress saw her film debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing in 1993 while she was still attending the University of Oxford. She would also star in Jutland opposite Christian Bale, Uncovered, a murder mystery, and the French language film Marie-Louise ou la Permission, all while attending university. 

While fans gush over Kate Beckinsale on her social media for being drop-dead gorgeous, the media isn’t always so kind. Several outlets have reported that the actress has, indeed, had work done.

Kate Beckinsale is well known for the numerous action roles she has starred in, including Van Helsing, Whiteout, Contraband, Total Recall, and more.  Her appearance in these films starkly contrasts the polished looks generally seen of the actress. She recently posted photos of her bruised and bloodied appearance on social media, creating a buzz among her fans until they realized it was for her new movie Canary Black.

The new film, Canary Black, will star Kate Beckinsale as Avery Graves, a CIA operative who is being blackmailed by terrorists. She will have to betray her country in order to save her husband. The film also stars Rupert Friend and is expected to release in 2023. 

Kate Beckinsale will also star in a Charlie Day written and directed comedy, El Tonto. The synopsis, according to IMDB, for this film is brief, stating, “A fool for love becomes an accidental celebrity only to lose it all.” Day will also star in the film with Beckinsale, Jason Sudeikis, Edie Falco, John Malkovich, Jillian Bell, Ray Liotta, and Adrien Brody.

Whether or not Kate Beckinsale has had work done for her appearance is really private information, but fans should take her word as truth. She looks fantastic regardless of what she is doing, and it is always a pleasure to see her star in the diverse roles she is cast in.