See Kate Beckinsale In Sexy Heels Looking Terrified

Kate Beckinsale is back for another wild outfit, but this time the actress is sporting some sexy heels while looking completely terrified at something.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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To put it the way one of her top commenters did, Kate Beckinsale seems to be aging backward. It’s hard to believe that the actress and model is pushing 50 when she’s constantly posting gorgeous shots of herself glammed up or even glammed down, just living her best life alongside her photogenic cat, Clive. In her latest post, which you can see below, the actress is absolutely serving not only a look but an entire vibe.

Clad in a red, white, black, and gray pinstriped suit combo, Kate Beckinsale tops the look off with chunky high heels and a black face net veil with a giant bow on top. Without fully revealing my own age, (Beckinsale could buy cigarettes when I was born), my knees hurt looking at the actress’ pose. Crouching down, the Click star kicks one leg out in front while leaning on the other all while acting her face off – giving the appearance that someone is after her. Looking shocked, Beckinsale stares off to the side of the camera at someone or something off-screen that’s giving her the terror of a lifetime. A second photo reveals a closer look at that classy face netting and the model’s flawless skin. 

As we mentioned above, Kate Beckinsale is constantly sharing her life with her followers. Whether it’s a birthday party for her Pomeranian pup, Myf, posing with one of her uber fluffy cats, or casually striking a pose in a designer outfit on a weekday, Beckinsale leaves no stone unturned. Followers truly get an all-access pass to the actress’ life, something that many celebs can’t claim to be true for themselves.

With a lengthy career in acting, Kate Beckinsale had her huge breakthrough role in 2001’s Pearl Harbor. A blockbuster hit, the film featured an absolutely stacked cast including the likes of Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Garner, and Cuba Gooding Jr. It was a career-changing move for many of its young stars, including Beckinsale who would nab roles in Serendipity and Tiptoes just two years following the WWII epic. Sticking to well-casted films, Beckinsale would next check a huge dream off her list when she starred in legendary director Martin Scorsese’s drama flick, The Aviator, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cate Blanchett. Taking to the funnier side of the film industry she would next star alongside Adam Sandler in Click

During the earlier days of her film career, Kate Beckinsale would nab the leading role of Selene in the Underworld franchise. Signing on for a five-film series certainly kept the actress busy up until the final installment landed in 2016. With a slew of even more credits under her belt, in recent days she starred in the television series, Guilty Party. The Paramount+ series saw Beckinsale as a down-on-her-luck journalist who hopes to breathe new life into her career as she follows a high-profile case in which a woman has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering her husband. 

Up next for the actress, she’ll be stepping into the role of a CIA agent named Avery Graves in Canary Black. Directed by Pierre Morel, the film will center around Kate Beckinsale’s Graves as she clashes with a terrorist agency that’s blackmailing her. The terrorists are holding her husband hostage and she only has one shot at saving him – by getting in touch with her underbelly crime roots. The film is eyeing a production start date later this year.