See Kate Beckinsale Having Too Much Fun In A Green Screen Bikini

Check out the latest pictures of Kate Beckinsale. This time she's using special effects on a green screen bikini of all things

By David Harrison | Published

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As we all know, the green screen lends nearly limitless possibilities to any production seeing as how that thing can become, well, just about anything you want it to be thanks to today’s special effects. Whether it’s major movies or just random Zoom calls, the green screen has been holding it down as a catch-all for our imagination, or at least a way to hide the mess in the background. Well, it’s looking like the green screen has a new application as well. This time it’s in the form of a green screen bikini, something Kate Beckinsale had no problem showing off on Instagram this week. She took a series of photos with the green screen bikini turning it into an array of different looks and styles. Some were more fun than others, but it really does show how this item can really help change things up. Check out what Kate Beckinsale posted on Instagram. 

There’s for sure a lot going on with this Kate Beckinsale green screen bikini collage and one can see how she likes some of the options. First off, we get her Selene character from the Underworld franchise. Who wouldn’t want to have a picture of themselves holding a couple of loaded guns aimed at vampires front and center on the bikini top and bottom? And then there’s the standard floral pattern, a bit boring compared to everything else that’s going on here. 

Further down we get what Kate Beckinsale says are her favorite bikini styles. The first one, with the fox on it, references a bit back on the Beckinsale Instagram feed when she had been caring for a fox at her home. The actress and model is a fan of animals for sure and is often showing off her pets in an assortment of different places and shots. So it makes sense that this would be among her favorites for the bikini. But then there’s the one of the Queen, another that she says is a favorite here. That one is a bit harder to take in though she is English which helps to explain at least part of it. 

The green screen bikini shots finish off with a Minions theme that is probably the funniest of the bunch. Overall, this random assortment of bikini styles does seem to fit the overall gestalt Kate Beckinsale is bringing to her Instagram feed. It’s a bit whacky, a bit self-promoting, a bit oddball, but all definitely shows off why Kate Beckinsale has an incredibly popular Instagram account.

As of this writing, the Kate Beckinsale Instagram post had more than 71K likes on the platform. This is a solid number seeing as how the actress has more than 5.4 million followers and counting. It’s posts like these, clearly something the fans want, that keep people coming back. It’s an almost daily mix of the weird and attractive, something that Kate Beckinsale is more than known for at this point in her career. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more of this green screen bikini in the weeks to come.