Kat McNamara Rocks A Bright Orange Jacket In Cool Photo

In Kat McNamara's newest social media post, she shows off a sexy new look with a bright orange jacket and bra.

By Robert Scucci | Published

kat mcnamara

Kat McNamara is looking as brilliant as ever in a recent Instagram post that shows off a bright orange jacket that’s hard to look away from. In addition to the jacket, the Fool’s Paradise star is sporting a pair of slim white pants by Jen7 jeans, and a matching exposed white bra is tying the entire look together in a way that’s picture-perfect. We’re not sure what kind of look McNamara is trying to pull off on this post, because it’s a little bit professional, a lot cool, but also bold in a way that isn’t too loud.

Being a self-proclaimed “pun junkie,” it’s only fitting that the caption on Kat McNamara’s photo says, “orange you glad I didn’t make a pun?”

The shade of orange Kat McNamara is wearing in these pictures reminds us of The Joker’s undershirt in Tim Burton‘s 1989 Batman, but it’s clear that McNamara isn’t joking around as she struts through the neighborhood with a confident flare. It’s hard to tell if McNamara is on her way out for a lunch date, a table-read, or just dipping out to run some errands. But no matter her destination, it’s safe to say that her look is both vibrant and sporty, and we can’t get enough of it.

At 27 years old, Kat McNamara looks like she’s on the top of the world, and we can’t blame her for showing off her unique fashion sense. The actress and singer has had a busy couple of years on the silver screen, starring in films such as Untitled Horror Movie, Sugar, and Charlie Day’s directorial debut, Fool’s Paradise. McNamara has also done some voice-acting for The Adventures of Bunny Bravo, an animated film that does not currently have a release date, but has wrapped production.

On the television front, Kat McNamara can most recently be seen starring in Walker: Independence on The CW. Though the series garnered mostly positive reviews with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 93 percent, the Walker prequel will not be picked up for a second season, but is certainly worth a watch if you’re into crime dramas and westerns.

kat mcnamara

If the post-apocalyptic fantasy genre is more your speed, the 2020 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand can be streamed on Paramount+ and Starz. Kat McNamara portrays Julie Lawry, a sex-crazed teenager who lives through a worldwide epidemic and finds herself caught in the middle of the plague with other survivors as they struggle to navigate through the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Kat McNamara’s most iconic role, however, would have to be her portrayal of Clary Fray in Freeform’s Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, a supernatural drama series based on the Cassandra Clare book series. In this series, Fray discovers that she is part of a hidden world of Shadowhunters, who are half-angelic creatures tasked with protecting the human world from supernatural demons. For this lead role, McNamara won the People’s Choice Awards for Female TV Star, and it’s widely considered to be some of her best work.

Whether we see Kat McNamara going for a stroll in a stunning outfit like we’ve just had the privilege of witnessing, or catch her on the big screen doing what she does best, we’re glad to see that the young star is looking amazing while she lives her best life.

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