Kat Dennings Stuns In A Low-Cut Dress In New Post

By David Harrison | 1 month ago

kat dennings

Kat Dennings has a pretty active social media account over on Instagram though it’s more about guest appearances and relationship stuff than anything else. Though there are times when she flashes a little bit of fashion, and those posts most definitely get some traction. That was the case recently when she showed up in a low-cut dress that looked like something out of a different time and place. It works for the actress and she even had a little fun with the caption, maybe trying to deflect a bit from what was going up on her feed.

In the Instagram post, Kat Dennings is wearing what almost looks like a ball gown with a matching necklace and she’s standing behind a door of some sort. All of this with the caption, “They call me baby hands” possibly as a reference to just about the last thing you would ever notice when taking the first glimpse at this picture. But it all kind of works for Dennings and her fans were quick to respond with the love as well. At the time of this writing, the Kat Dennings Instagram post had almost 230,000 likes. Check out what Kat Dennings posted: 

With more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see why Kat Dennings is able to get major traction with Instagram posts like this one. The actress typically keeps things on the lighter side in her feed, but every once in a while will come out with posts like this one. And they definitely work. She has a classic look to her, something a bit divergent from what we see in Hollywood and it almost gives her a timelessness. 

On the acting side of things, Kat Dennings just had the second season of her Hulu series Dollface released back in February. It’s definitely oriented for more mature audiences, as evidenced by one of the trailers of this most recent season. In it, Dennings plays Jules Wiley who is working through the breakup with a boyfriend and her own mental health as well. It’s performed moderately well with critics, hitting 59% on Rotten Tomatoes for its first two seasons. 

And of course, Kat Dennings has some work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. We last saw her in WandaVision where she reprised her Darcy Lewis role from the first couple of Thor movies. It was a welcome surprise to have her back in the mix and has been one of the non-superhero holdovers in the franchise that always gives things a bit more humanity. There is word that her time in the MCU is far from over with rumors that she has signed on to take part in multiple productions over the next few years. WandaVision isn’t coming back for a second season but we could see her pop up in another series or movie. 

In the meantime, be sure to follow her over on Instagram along with the legions of fans who keep tabs on her over there.