See Karen Gillan Dance In A Cut-Out Dress For A Night Out

Karen Gillan mixes charm and humor in this sexy video on social media.

By Melissa Murphy | Published

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In a recent post on Instagram, fans get a small glimpse into the life and mind of Karen Gillan. The actress, perhaps best known for her role as Amy Pond in the hit series Doctor Who, is seen busting out some dance moves to the Family Guy opening theme. The video captioned, “Every girl does this when she’s ready early for a night out, right?” shows off a down-to-earth Karen Gillan in a stunning dress. 

The absolutely gorgeous brown dress hugs the star’s slim figure perfectly. A diamond-shaped cutout over the midriff paired with the maxi-length skirt is both revealing and tasteful. The off-the-shoulder sleeves complete the look, giving Karen Gillan an effortless elegance that the actress has become known for. 

The Scottish-born actress has had a part in several hits over the years, including Doctor Who and Jumanji: Next Level. The star has also been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with roles in a few Guardians of the Galaxy films, Avengers: Endgame, and Thor: Love and Thunder, where she played the iconic anti-hero Nebula. The actress, who portrays grit and determination with ease, found great success as the infamous daughter of Thor.

Throughout her career, Karen Gillan has proven herself to be down-to-earth and always keeping it real, as seen in her recent Instagram post. The star also talks openly about her mental health struggles, noting that her anxiety has gotten worse since she became famous. The stress and worry can even keep her up on some nights.   

Over the years, Karen Gillan has found ways to cope with her anxiety and better herself for her roles simultaneously. The star has been known to read critical-psychology essays in her free time. The essays help the actress better understand her own emotions but also give her insight into how she can more effectively embody her characters. 

Exercise has proven to be an important part of the star’s lifestyle, both for her own mental and physical health and so she can accurately portray Nebula. Portraying the anti-hero often means filming numerous fight scenes. While on set, the actress can spend upwards of an hour every day working with an ex-Navy SEAL to train. 

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Working out has always been something Karen Gillan had to do for work, so when the pandemic struck, she found herself unmotivated and rarely getting off the couch. The actress’s strict exercise routine fell by the wayside. However, it was in that time spent lounging around that the star began to realize how important movement was to her. 

She found that her anxiety got worse, and she just generally felt down and unmotivated when she wasn’t working out or eating well. Now the star has committed to moving at least one day a week. She says that a couple of times a day, she tries to remember to sit up straighter, a kind of affirmation to remind herself to take up space. 

Fans have come to expect those real touches from Karen Gillan. Even as she continues to grow her career, the star is not above posting silly dance videos on Instagram, and we love her for it.