Kanye West Allegedly Attacks Fans, See The Aftermath

By Michileen Martin | 2 weeks ago

kanye west

Well, it looks like Kanye West may have a little bit of trouble heading his way. This time it has nothing to do with feuds with Taylor Swift, randomly asking social media moguls for $1 billion, or which politician he supports. This time, the rapper is reportedly a suspect in an alleged attack on a fan.

The story comes People, who says the LAPD considers Kanye West a suspect in an alleged physical altercation that occurred in downtown Los Angeles Thursday Morning. An unnamed source from the LAPD told People that the alleged victim, who has not been named, was attacked at around 3 AM near the Soho Warehouse at the intersection of Santa Fe and Bay St. A fan allegedly approached West’s car in the hopes of getting an autograph. Words were apparently exchanged between West and the fan, culminating in the rapper allegedly getting out of his car, punching the fan, knocking him to the ground, and leaving the scene.

On Thursday night, TMZ had more to report, including a video that allegedly shows the aftermath of the alleged attack. In the video, you can see someone on the ground with scattered papers near his feet. Kanye West is yelling at a woman who appears to be trying to calm him down. She says things such as “Give me your hand” and “I am your family.” TMZ claims this is West’s cousin and employee. West yells back, “Get away from me!” and “Ain’t no hand!” Meanwhile the person recording the video says “Hey man, I’m protecting us now,” and then later, “What is wrong with him?” and to someone off screen, “Can you please call the cops?” You can see the video below.

TMZ says sources told them a somewhat different story than from what was reported in People. TMZ’s sources claim just before the alleged attack, Kanye West was asking gathered fans to not take photos of him, saying that they did not understand what he was going through. After one of the fans reportedly responded “it’s okay, we all go through family stuff,” West allegedly attacked the fan. TMZ claims the rapper allegedly punched the fan twice — once in the face and once in the neck. They also say the alleged victim initially refused medical care, but later went to urgent care for treatment.

TMZ shared a second video that is reportedly from the same morning, but from about a half hour before the alleged attack. The outlet reports that it’s from Kanye West leaving a late night recording session, as he seems to already be furious about something. He is yelling angrily at two women, one of whom appears to be the same woman who was trying to calm West down in the other video. You can watch this second video below.

What gives the whole thing a more bizarre air is that People reports the rapper was having a much more enjoyable time a couple of hours earlier. Actor Evan Ross (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) posted a video and images to his Instagram of a star-studded gathering in a private room at the celebrity hotspot Delilah. Those gathered included Kanye West and his new girlfriend Julia Fox, Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, and Antonio Brown.

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has been accused of attacking someone. According to the BBC, in 2014 West pleaded No Contest in an assault case. Photographer Daniel Ramos alleged the rapper grabbed his camera and punched him. West was sentenced to two years probation, required to complete 250 hours of community service, and attend 24 anger management sessions. The rapper maintained his innocence.