Kanye West Defeated By A Dog

Kanye West is now worth less money than Gunther IV, star of Netflix's Gunther's Millions, who is also a German Shepherd.

By Mark McKee | Published

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Sometimes the most famous people in the world can have the most epic collapses and either disappear into obscurity or become notorious in industries as lessons of what not to do. Kanye West has always been someone on the brink of the latter, with his countless controversies keeping his status teetering on the edge of the abyss. Now, according to Animated Times, the former rapper and fashion mogul’s latest controversy has dropped his value so low that he is less rich than a dog. 

According to the report, Kanye West lost his billionaire status following his Anti-Semitic meltdown and dropped his wealth to a meager $400 million, just a regular American at this point. While this is a reasonably expected result of getting oneself on the wrong side of virtuous speech and entering into the realm of cancel culture, losing his $1.5 billion Adidas contract, there is an unexpectedly humorous side effect. According to “The Ultimate Rich Pet List” by All About Cats Magazine, Gunther IV, the star of Netflix’s new series Gunther’s Millions, is worth a whopping $500 million, dropping the rapper and businessman’s wealth below the German Shepherd’s. 

One question we know you are asking yourself right now is how in the heck does a German Shepherd find itself sitting on top of a half-billion-dollar fortune? The short answer is that the puppy is a trust fund baby, inheriting his wealth from his grandfather, Gunther III. According to legend, the K-9 half-billionaire’s grandfather inherited $80 million from his owner, who died without any heir; since then, the fortune has multiplied over five times and propelled Gunther IV past Kanye West. 

gunther's millions netflix
Gunther IV from Gunther’s Millions

West rose to fame when he dropped his first album in 2004, eventually becoming the number two record of the year, and currently sits at 75 Grammy nominations with 21 wins, tying Jay-Z as the winningest artist of all time. He piled on top of his musical success with a dive into fashion, from his early days as an intern at Fendi alongside Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, to the birth of his virtually defunct Yeezy brand, Kanye West’s journey from rapper to fashion mogul is a crash course in reinvention. Of course, once he seemingly reached the peak of his celebrity, his views and behavior caused his star to fall to Earth in an epic crash and burn. 

From the moment the rapper jumped on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to praise Beyonce, to running on an anti-abortion stance in the 2020 Presidential campaign, the rapper is no stranger to the controversial spotlight. He then doubled down, participating in a disastrous interview with Alex Jones where he said the Holocaust didn’t happen and claimed he admired aspects of Adolf Hitler. Kanye West has been seeing nothing but backlash. 

Adding insult to injury, the actor saw the end of his marriage to Kim Kardashian and faced public humiliation when she began dating Pete Davidson almost immediately afterward. Not only is a dog now wealthier than he is, but Kanye West’s fortune continues to fall, as he can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.