Kanye West Banned From Stepping Foot In New Wife’s Home Country?

Kanye West's antisemitic opinions, expressed publicly multiple times, may be enough for Australia to deny him entry.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

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It’s hard to meet the parents when you can’t enter their country. As reported by TMZ, Kanye West, also known as Ye, plans to fly to Australia with his new bride, architectural designer Bianca Censori, to visit Censori’s family. The Australian government expressed that West’s recent slew of antisemitic rhetoric, which got him banned from Twitter and Instagram, may disqualify him from entry to the Land Down Under.

Australia has denied entry to people with antisemitic beliefs before, and according to Australian Education Minister, Jason Clare, the country may do it again. It is unclear whether Kanye West has officially applied for a visa to enter Australia, but to complete the process, West would likely have to submit to questioning that is standard for those who have propagated hateful views. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has already petitioned that Kanye West should be denied a visa on the basis of poor character.

Kanye West married Bianca Censori, an Australian native, during a private ceremony in January 2023. The union remains legally unofficial, as the couple has not yet applied for a marriage license. The private marriage between Kanye West and Bianca Censori comes at a time when Kanye West is making a concerted effort to stay out of the public eye. 

West has reportedly not maintained a permanent residence for months as he evades the serving of legal documents in relation to a lawsuit with his ex-manager, Thomas St. John. It is unclear whether or not this evasion is related to Kanye West’s rumored trip to Australia. West’s low profile may also have to do with the same antisemitic comments that threaten to keep him out of Australia.

kanye west

Over the past several months, Kanye West has made a number of appearances on politically conservative talk shows where he has spouted offensive rhetoric. While on Alex Jones’ show InfoWars, West praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, citing what he felt were positive accomplishments made by the regime. West maintained his stance that Hitler is unfairly criticized, even after pushback from Jones.

If Kanye West openly praising Hitler isn’t enough for Australia to keep him out, the country has more arguments to make. West posted a picture of a swastika fused with the Star of David and has shared messages of intended violence toward the Jewish community. In an implosion so grand it hardly seems real, West has found himself banned from social media and without a career.

West has had a prolific run as a musician and fashion icon. His hateful comments have crumbled his fanbase and ended lucrative deals, such as his contract with Adidas. Now Kanye West faces travel bans from countries like Australia, further isolating the former star.

West has been open in the past about his struggles with mental health, sharing with the public that he suffers from bipolar disorder. The rapper’s mental health struggles may draw sympathy from some, but to most, his issues do not justify his radical, hateful stances. Kanye West continues to pay the consequences for his words and actions, and being denied entry to Australia may become the latest reality check for the spiraling performer.