Johnny Depp Steals The Show In Controversial Savage X Fenty Runway Cameo

Johnny Depp was featured in Rihanna's new Savage x Fenty fashion show, and he stole the show.

By James Brizuela | Published

Johnny Depp is back in a big way, though he has not yet appeared in his comeback movie but is instead walking the runway for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty fashion show. The man is shown walking with a smile on his face, as backup dancers go wild in the background to Outkast’s song, “So Fresh, So Clean.” Quite honestly, Depp looks like he was de-aged by about 10 years, which is surprising considering how he looked just a few weeks ago.

Johnny Depp is going through a massive resurgence, which is because he all but won his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp was awarded $15 million in damages, though that number was reduced to $10.35 per Virginia state law. Heard would win one countersuit claim, awarding her $2 million, which Depp is now rumored to be going after as well. On top of the above fashion show, he is also set to make his acting return in Jeanne du Barry, where he plays the role of King Louis XV.

johnny depp
Johnny Depp as Louis XV// (c) Stéphanie Branchu / Why Not Productions

We are not sure what has taken place in the last month for Johnny Depp, but he certainly looks vastly different from the images that we reported on, and how he looked in the above fashion show. We do have to hand it to Rihanna, as she put together a runway that was certainly outside of the box in terms of delivery, as Depp is shown casually walking or strutting through a forested area. That could be a green screen behind him, though we are sure he is also just walking through a forest while sporting one of the outfits from Rihanna’s collection.

The Savage x Fenty show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, and fans can go see Rihanna showcase her new lineup of lingerie, among many other things. Also, Johnny Depp makes his appearance in the fourth volume of this ongoing collaboration between Rihanna and Amazon Prime Video. There are also musical performances that pair well with the outfits in the collection.

Rihanna is doing something quite spectacular with fashion shows, as they incorporate models, musicians, celebrities, and choreography into something quite entertaining to watch. It’s something vastly different than most fashion shows that feature a runway and models going up and down. Bringing in Johnny Depp for his cameo alongside a song like “So Fresh, So Clean” is likely why the actor was smiling from ear to ear, and we would imagine that Depp being back in modeling is going to boost his confidence a great deal more as well.

Johnny Depp can be seen in the Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 fashion show right now on Amazon Prime Video, which is now the fourth volume available to stream in what appears to be a long-standing show that Rihanna has curated with the streaming platform. We are not sure if Depp is going to return for the fifth volume, but we would imagine that his popularity might catapult him into being a model for Rihanna again in the future. Depp has certainly found himself in a much better position since his trial ended, as he released an album with Jeff Beck, is part of a fashion show, and now has a movie on the way.