Johnny Depp Caught Lying By Expert Witness From Amber Heard’s Defense Team?

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

johnny depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are locked into quite a drama-filled legal battle. Both have had to take the stand to tell their stories and refute claims made by the other. Well, Depp has now been asked to step back onto the stand this week, as Heard’s defense team is attempting to make the actor stumble on his original stories and claims. That tactic has seemingly worked as one of the expert witnesses that Heard’s team has brought on has all but caught Depp in a lie. At least that is the way the defense team will spin this fact. Depp told a story about one of his fingers nearly being severed as Heard threw a vodka bottle at him. Now a doctor has come into the fold to refute that claim.

The expert witness that was called on behalf of the defense team is a hand specialist named Dr. Richard Moore. Moore is an orthopedic surgeon who has worked on thousands of hand surgeries throughout his career. Moore refuted the claim that Johnny Depp had his hand cut in the way that he claimed. According to Moore, “If a bottle struck the nail, there certainly would have been an injury to the nail bed.” This is in reference to the fact that Depp claimed his hand had been stationary on the bar when Amber Heard allegedly threw the bottle at him. Moore claims that the injuries he sustained are not consistent, as Depp would have surely been hit on the nail bed at some point, but the injury was below the nail. Moore testified that the injuries that Depp’s hand received were more in line with being smashed in a door or drawer.

Dr. Moore was also cross-examined by Camille Vasquez, who is the lawyer for Johnny Depp. Vasquez brought into question the validity of Moore’s testimony based on how much he was being paid to appear in court. Also, Moore had admitted to not examining the pictures that were taken after the incident took place, which contained some of the flesh from Depp’s finger. A manager for the rented home also allegedly found a piece of the finger that had been left behind from the incident. The entire ordeal sounds harrowing enough, but the expert on the matter claims that the injuries to the hand in the images provided are not the same as what would have happened in that situation.

The trial is expected to continue for another week, and Johnny Depp will be taking the stand again at some point today. The judge presiding over the case, Judge Penney Azcarate, has announced that she expects the closing statements to take place on May 27th. That date is fast approaching, so we could be seeing a verdict from the jury by next week.

There has been no mention if Amber Heard is meant to take the stand again either, but Johnny Depp is likely to be cross-examined at least one more time during this trial. With those closing statements taking place on May 27th, there are only a few short days for the final bits of evidence to be presented by both legal teams.