Johnny Depp Is No Longer Canceled, Appears In Major Ad Campaign

Johnny Depp is in a new video. Has he conquered cancel culture?

By Faith McKay | Published

johnny depp

What does it mean to be canceled, anyway? For Johnny Depp, it’s meant a lot of lawsuits, debt, former co-stars doing interviews about him, and major studios like Warner Bros cutting ties with the actor. His character was replaced in the Fantastic Beasts franchise by Mads Mikkelsen. It’s also meant that Twitter users regularly get the star’s name trending in support of the actor, often with hashtags like #JusticeForDepp. Today, though, Depp’s name is trending with the hashtag #ThankYouDior. The fashion company has a perfume, Sauvage, that Depp has been attached to for years. The company just released a new clip showing Johnny Depp talking to the Sauvage creator, François Demachy.

The video is part of a conversation between Johnny Depp and François Demachy as creators. The host asks them questions about their creativity. It focuses not on Depp’s career as an actor, but as a musician. The clip is a two-minute tease for a fuller conversation between the pair, to be released in September 2021.

The video gained a lot of attention from Johnny Depp fans who were excited to see that while many Hollywood studios have distanced themselves from the actor, Dior is keeping their partnership with him. You can see some of what Twitter has had to say about this below.

Despite the current enthusiasm from Johnny Depp fans for the Dior fragrance, his relationship with the company hasn’t always been solid. While it hasn’t seemed to be affected much by the allegations against him surrounding his split from his ex Amber Heard, in 2019 Dior pulled the Sauvage ad they had starring Depp due to the Native American depictions in the advertisement. It showed Depp as a man of nature out in the desert and cut from him to Native American people dancing. Apparently, this didn’t mark the end of his experience with the company. At this point, many fans are looking for Dior to begin to supply more regular content featuring Johnny Depp in any capacity they see fit.

This news comes one week after one dedicated Johnny Depp fan campaigned for him as part of the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp movement outside of Warner Bros studios. He put up a banner that had a photo of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, with “fired” under his name and “employed” under hers. Recently, Amber Heard began making headlines again as she has been confirmed to be in the United Kingdom filming her role as Mera for Aquaman 2. After petitions and hashtags attempted to have her recast, many fans are feeling ignored. While the fan with a sign was removed from the premises, they were allowed to take pictures and gained a lot of international attention for their efforts.

The advertising campaign with Dior is currently the only public work Johnny Depp has been up to. While it doesn’t seem likely that it will lead to a return to Hollywood for Depp, that’s always possible and seems to be the hope his followers are holding on to for the former actor’s career.