Johnny Depp’s Doctor Testifies To Actor’s Bizarre Behavior While Trying To Kick Opioids

By David Harrison | 4 weeks ago

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The current court case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has gotten off to a rough start in that a number of disturbing accounts have begun emerging about the two stars and their tumultuous time together. It was thought that this case would air out considerable dirty laundry considering the nature of the proceedings, but what’s come out already might eclipse even the worst of projections. The most recent piece of testimony in the case involved a doctor who was called to the stand to testify about his experience treating Johnny Depp years ago.

According to Deadline, on Thursday, the case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has mostly focused on a video recorded deposition from Dr. David Kipper. Kipper was brought in to discuss his time, back in 2014, when he was hired to allegedly treat Johnny Depp for opioid addiction. It was during this time that apparently the two began regularly communicating with each other about the best paths to treatment. According to the testimony, their communication lasted a number of years with Johnny Depp apparently talking with Kipper often through text messages. It was portions of these messages that were read in court on Thursday and painted an odd scene at best, a disturbing one at worst. 

During the course of the testimony, Dr. Kipper was asked to respond to or comment on text messages sent by Depp during the course of their doctor-patient relationship. In one, according to Deadline, Depp wrote an update about how things were going with Amber Heard saying,  “Forgot to tell you had a hopefully very positive and free of eqo squawk with Amber…and then I shot a few negroes in a club on Sunset Boulevard.”

And then another one a year later during a time when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were in Australia together, the former wrote ‘She is as full of s— as a Christmas goose…a malicious evil and vindictive c—.” Again, this was a relationship that was clearly devolving and coming to reach its logical conclusion, essentially where they are now in open court literally relitigating the past. And then a short time later Depp wrote to Kipper that he “cut the top of my middle finger off. What should I do? Go to the hospital? I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her (Heard).”

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Apparently, this latter part wasn’t just rambling but was in fact true, because as part of the testimony Kipper said that he visited Johnny Depp in the hospital while in the care of a hand surgeon to make sure that the procedure could be performed while Depp was in treatment. Some of these details had come out in the previous case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the one that went to trial back in 2020 when Depp sued the British tabloid, The Sun for defamation (he lost). 

Finally, following this incident, there was another communication a few months later that might take the oddball cake. Johnny Depp got in touch with Kipper and said, “My deformed finger and I have no friends!!! By the way…Amber and I have been absolutely perfect for three f—ing months solid!!! I have locked my monster child away in a cage within and it has f—ing worked!!! We’re goddam best friends now.” 

In all, these texts that showed up in court on Thursday still point to a tumultuous time for Johnny Depp and are clearly meant by the defense to paint a view of what was happening between the actor and Amber Heard. This case is currently part of the lawsuit brought by Depp against Heard for defamation following a Washington Post op-ed she penned that described being the victim of abuse. While Depp is never explicitly named in the piece, he contends that it was clearly about him. Depp is seeking