Johnny Depp Becomes Agitated In Final Cross-Examination In Defamation Trial

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

johnny depp

The current and wild defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has concluded in the terms of Depp having to take the stand. The final day of cross-examination occurred this morning, with Heard’s defense team taking one final crack at the disparaged actor. In a final last-ditch effort to ensure that the jury sees Depp as this evil and abusive man, the lawyers working for Heard revealed some final audio and text messages that were exchanged between the actor and Heard, as well as his agent. The actor became reportedly agitated when the defense team played new audio and read former headlines that allegedly proved his reputation was damaged long before the op-ed piece Heard wrote, which was released by The Washington Post.

Johnny Depp is currently suing Amber Heard for defamation of character, based on that op-ed piece that was written, which all but named the man as her abuser. Heard’s lawyers began to break out headlines from articles written that were far before the op-ed piece was released to the world. Based on the headlines that Benjamin Rottenborn (Heard’s lawyer) read, Depp then began to interrupt with his own version of what these articles were. According to the actor, they were “hit pieces.” He basically was attempting to claim that these publications were attempting to sully his name via negative publicity. That is surely something that publications do, but the fact that he was so agitated by them might not look so good to the jury and judge. Depp was also able to get some laughs and diffuse the situation after two of the article titles were read: “The Trouble With Johnny Depp: Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuits, A Haze of Dooze and Hash and a Lifestyle he Can’t Afford” and “Inside The Trials of Johnny Depp.” Depp told Rottenborn, “you should read that article,” which resulted in some courtroom laughs. You can live stream the trial below:

Although Johnny Depp has certainly been getting laughs and making it seem as though the claims made by Amber Heard and her team have been exaggerated and fabricated, there is plenty of evidence going against the actor as well. Rottenborn played some recorded audio that saw Heard saying, “go put your cigarette out on someone else.” Depp responds with, “Shut up, fat a**.” The harrowing aspect of this audio is that Heard claims she had a cigarette put out on her. However, that is not substantial evidence, as it is just audio. Rottenborn also read some texts between Depp and his agent, where the actor wrote, “I can only hope that Karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her.” These audio recordings and text messages can be taken out of context, but it still looks bad.

The trial is ongoing, and with Johnny Depp finally taking his last time on the stand, things will now pivot to Amber Heard. The actress will now tell her side of the story this week, and she will have to be cross-examined by Depp’s lawyers. There is likely to be more evidence shown that doesn’t paint her in the best of light either. Both parties are suing each other for millions of dollars, and this trial will likely continue into March. There is set to be a break in the middle of May, as the presiding judge has a prior engagement to attend, so the verdict is likely not to come until the end of May.