See Joey King Relax With A Huge Cigar

Joey King is breaking out in a big way with starring roles in action films and incredible looks, so we don't begrudge her some chill time.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

joey king

Joey King is having a breakout moment with her starring role in Bullet Train, in which she manages to outsmart Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, and a whole pack of colorful assassins on a high-speed train in Japan. Her role as “the Prince” saw her matching her star power against one of the world’s biggest movie stars and come out looking fantastic, though the amazing all-pink necktie and sweater vest ensemble helps. Anyone could use a break after that, and so we cannot begrudge Joey King a moment to savor a fine cigar to relax. Check it out:

This picture was posted by Joey King on her Instagram account, where she frequently posts amazing looks like her ridiculously skin-baring Bullet Train red carpet outfit or this 1970s-inspired mini-skirt ensemble. In this picture, Joey King appears to be taking it a little more easy than those dramatically inspired looks, but she is unquestionably still looking wonderful. She is wearing a high-collared, boldly patterned top (which seems in line with her frequently retro-tinged style). Her dark blonde hair is loose and falling around her head, and her famously vividly blue eyes have a look of contented relaxation. Joey King’s right hand is held high, displaying her engagement ring to filmmaker Steven Piet. 

And then, of course, there is the cigar itself. We should stress we are aware of the carcinogenic dangers of tobacco use and do not condone Joey King’s use thereof, but we cannot deny that she looks like she certainly is having a good time. While we are not experts in cigar brands, we will venture a guess (based on the distinct red band visible under Joey King’s fingers) that she is enjoying one of the more famous varieties in the world, Cohiba. The caption to her picture reads “If you don’t try to take a hot selfie while smoking a cigar I don’t wanna hear from you,” which, fair enough, we suppose.

Joey King has been acting from a young age, first appearing in commercials for Life Cereal, Eggo Waffles, and other, non-breakfast food items. She quickly transitioned to appearances in a wide variety of shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Entourage, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Her first starring film role was in the Beverly Cleary adaptation Ramona & Beezus, starring as the perennially mischievous Portland youth Ramona Quimby. Joey King also starred in the first season of the acclaimed FX dark comedy-drama series Fargo and went on to further acclaim portraying Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the Hulu series The Act.

In recent years, Joey King has been taking more starring roles and has production deals with both Hulu and Netflix. She recently portrayed the title character in the Hulu fantasy action movie The Princess and starred in the science fiction romance The In Between. Joey King is currently set to star in the long-in-development Netflix dystopian science fiction movie The Uglies, based on the novel by Scott Westerfeld. She also currently voices a character in the upcoming Disney Channel cartoon series Hamster & Gretel.

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