See Joey King With A Braid And Sexy Gold Chain

Joey King poses in a pink top and chain necklace.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

joey king

Joey King is one of the most stylish and fashion-forward actresses of her generation, which makes it a pleasure to see literally any new shot of her on social media. While the Bullet Train actress has a ridiculously popular official Instagram account (currently at nearly 19 million followers), she also predictably has quite a number of fan accounts. One of those accounts recently posted an image of Joey King sporting a long braid and a heavy chain necklace, and she looks pretty amazing. 

The photo above sees Joey King with her dark blonde hair (for once, not shaved for a role, as she frequently has done) pulled into a tight braid, with long bangs framing her face. She is gazing at the camera in this picture, her famously blue eyes complemented by dark eyeliner. Joey King is wearing a heavy metal chain necklace, which is matched by the straps of her tiny pink top. All in all, very impressive. 

Most recently, Joey King starred in the David Leitch film action comedy Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock, and legendary martial arts actor Hiroyuki Sanada. In the film, she portrayed the Prince, a deadly assassin masquerading as an innocent schoolgirl in Japan; while she is not the most overtly dangerous killer in the movie, it becomes apparent over the course of the film that she has long-ranging plans and strategies. 

In addition to Bullet Train, Joey King also recently starred in the Hulu original film The Princess, in which she played a medieval princess defending her family against an attempted usurper (who is also trying to marry her against her will). It seems that the actress is increasingly leaning towards action roles, which seems like a pretty fun gig, especially when you get to try to kill Brad Pitt (on-screen). 

Joey King has been announced to star in the upcoming Netflix movie The Uglies, which has had a long period of development hell. The project was first announced all the way back in 2006 under 20th Century Fox, but lingered on for years before moving to the streaming platform. The movie is based on the popular YA science fiction novel Uglies by Scott Westerfield and will star Joey King as  Tally Youngblood, a teen in a dystopian future where all citizens are forcibly subjected to cosmetic surgery at age 16 in order to conform to a state-determined level of attractiveness.

The Uglies will be directed by Charlie’s Angels filmmaker McG and will also star Keith Powers and Laverne Cox. Joey King will also be starring in the drama The Family Affair with Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron and is currently voicing a role on the Disney Channel animated series ​​Hamster & Gretel. 

In short, it is a pretty busy time to be Joey King. Then again, she has been professionally acting since she was a small child and is probably pretty used to the frantic pace of Hollywood. Good for you, Joey King.