Joe Rogan Is Making Wildly Inappropriate Claims About Dwayne Johnson

By James Brizuela | 4 months ago

joe rogan

Joe Rogan has recently made headlines due to the controversy that surrounded his podcast. The first controversy happened when Rogan was accused of bringing on plenty of doctors that had been allegedly spreading misinformation about the pandemic. This misinformation led to a group of doctors and scientists leading a charge in attempting to get Spotify to remove the podcast altogether. The comedian was also heavily chastised for a video collection of him freely using the n-word. Although they had not worked with one another previously, Dwayne Johnson had thrown his support in favor of Rogan, up until the video collection of the racial slurs was released. That is when Johnson took back his support and essentially disowned Rogan. Now things might get a bit more complicated as Rogan recently took to his podcast to joke about Johnson being able to make $60 million as a sperm donor. You can see the video below:

On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcast featured rapper Freddie Gibbs and comedian Brian Moses. The three discussed all manner of topics before segueing into what started out as being a pool player into how much it would cost for certain celebrity figures to make selling their sperm. The names mentioned in the above video included Barack Obama and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While the podcast certainly isn’t one to be taken that seriously most of the time, the comments made might make their way to Johnson’s ears and he could be rather upset about it. Especially after denouncing Rogan after the video collection of racial slurs was made public to everyone.

While Joe Rogan and his guests are commenting on Dwayne Johnson’s current popularity, albeit with more gross means, they are certainly correct. Johnson is easily one of the biggest movie stars on the planet right now, on top of being a successful entrepreneur. He is certainly one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet, but he also sports a bit of a more clean-cut type of persona, so these inappropriate comments made about him might not go over well. Rogan and his guests also infer that through this means of making money, Johnson could essentially become a billionaire. While that could possibly be true, Johnson might be well on his way to billionaire status with his movies and Teremana tequila company.

Dwayne Johnson is on his way to being the most sought-after actor in all of Hollywood, and Joe Rogan and his guests were solidifying that aspect by going off on an unusual tangent. These tangents are a part of many conversations made on the man’s podcast. While Johnson may not have the time to take in the podcast, its sheer popularity might lend its hand in reaching the actor’s ears. Rogan’s podcast currently has over 100 million monthly listeners and he has been on the top of the podcast world for many years. It seems that even his deepest controversial moments aren’t enough to stop the man from being canceled in any way.