Jim Caviezel Cancelled After Speaking At Controversial Conference

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 weeks ago

Jim Caviezel

Actor Jim Caviezel gave a really weird and uncomfortable speech at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada dedicated to believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.  It seems Jim Caviezel has gained some controversial viewpoints after rising to fame in 2004 as Jesus himself in The Passion of the Christ. Now, he joins the likes of a myriad of celebrities who have turned their focus towards political endeavors. He is even going as far as to buy into the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that’s permeated sites like 8chan and is believed by many of the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. 

In a video shared by the Twitter account PatriotTakes, Jim Caviezel is seen at the “For God & Country: Patriot Double Down” conference in Las Vegas. He spoke to a room of QAnon believers who were all too eager to hoot and holler at his religious imagery and vernacular. They also got into his incredibly weird decision to do what essentially amounted to an unironic dramatic reading of William Wallace’s “they can take our lives but they can never take our freedom!” speech from the 1995 Mel Gibson movie Braveheart

After completing the speech, Jim Caviezel broke for an applause break as the people in the room began to chant “freedom!” Meanwhile, he moved on to give more of a religious sermon than a speech. He got his audience yolked up to fight with The Holy Spirit and the sword of “Saint Michael and all the other angels” in defending the country for God against Lucifer, of all people. He arguably crossed a line into potential violence-inciting rhetoric by encouraging his audience to fight back against evil “henchmen” and send them back to Hell.

From there, Jim Caviezel concluded his speech by using some of the languages that QAnon believers frequently post on social media. The actor referenced “The Storm” several times, noting that we are currently in it. According to Newsweek, “The Storm” in QAnon vernacular, refers to a single event in which former President Donald Trump was believed to have ordered mass arrests of celebrities, democratic politicians, and billionaires who were all allegedly involved in a global child trafficking conspiracy — Satanic cannibalism was somehow wrapped up in all this as well. Unfortunately for QAnon followers, “The Storm” never came because either it was all fabricated or that cabal of child sex trafficking cannibals is just that good at staying hidden. 

Meanwhile, everyone is pretty upset with Jim Caviezel on Twitter, with some even blatantly calling on him to be canceled over his political views — which is actually a pretty generous term to apply to someone who seems to believe in the truly outrageous conspiracy theory that is QAnon. Folks from around the internet were quick to ring in on what they thought amounted to an odd appearance and speech from Jim Caviezel. Check out some of the reactions.

This isn’t the first time that Jim Caviezel has expressed QAnon supportive beliefs. In fact, his next movie, titled Sound of Freedom, follows the story of self-proclaimed human-trafficking activist Tim Ballard. It tells the tale of his heroic and allegedly real-life battle against child trafficking cartels after deciding to quit his job as a crack agent with Homeland Security. We will see what happens next with Caviezel who has carved something of a niche in this conspiracy arena.