See Jessica Alba Slurping In A White Tank Top

Jessica Alba posted a video today enjoying a margarita and looking as gorgeous as ever.

By Chad Langen | Updated

If there’s one thing Jessica Alba is known for outside of her film and television roles, it’s that she looks absolutely stunning no matter what she’s doing. She recently took to Instagram to share a short video of herself switching roles with her real-life friend and hairstylist, Brittany Ryan. As the Dark Angel star gets her good pal all dolled up, she takes several breaks to sip on a margarita.

In the clip, Jessica Alba wears a relaxing outfit consisting of a tight white tank top, slim blue pants, and a long patterned blouse to keep the chills at bay. She sports an oversized pair of gold hooped earrings that pair nicely with her pendant necklace and her shiny belt buckle. Although her attire is rather minimal compared to some of the other dazzling clothing the actress has flaunted on social media in the past, she still looks just as gorgeous as ever.

In her caption, Jessica Alba teased that she may change professions after boasting about her skills as a hairstylist. She also tagged the accounts of Brittney Ryan and her “#werkwife” Lizzy Mathis, who seemed to enjoy playing the star’s assistant for the day. She finished off the description with multiple hashtags and cute emojis.

Jessica Alba is certainly no stranger when it comes to engaging with her loyal Instagram tribe. To date, the actress has nearly 20 million followers and close to 5,000 posts since launching her page on the Meta-owned platform. Whether she’s sharing photos of herself visiting exotic locations or merely snapping selfies because she feels cute, the 41-year-old star always finds the time to keep her fans up to date on what’s going on in her life.

Although she’s not nearly as active in Hollywood as she once was, she hasn’t completely retired from acting. In fact, Jessica Alba will soon be appearing in the Netflix action thriller Trigger Warning, which is currently in post-production. Although no release date has been set at this time, the film is expected to arrive sometime in 2023.

In the forthcoming feature, Jessica Alba will star as a character named Parker. The story centers around a traumatized veteran who inherits her grandfather’s bar and faces a moral dilemma after learning the truth behind his untimely death. Directed by Mouly Surya from a screenplay by John Brancato, Josh Olson and Otep Shamaya, the movie also stars Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Gabriel Basso, Jake Weary, Tone Bell, and Hari Dhillon.

jessica alba
Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, aka Invisible Woman

While the upcoming Netflix film is the only project Jessica Alba has in her pipeline, there’s some speculation that she could return as Susan Storm in the MCU. She appeared as the character in Fantastic Four and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer under the 20th Century Fox banner before the studio was purchased by Disney. With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Anna Paquin’s Rogue returning in Deadpool 3, we’re expecting several more familiar faces to show up.

When she’s not acting in movies or television shows or interacting with her fans on social media, Jessica Alba still has quite a bit on her plate. She has three children with her husband Cash Warren, and the star has never been one to shy away from telling people that her family is her biggest priority. She also runs The Honest Company, which she founded in 2012 with business partners Brian Lee, Sean Kane, and Christopher Gavigan.

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