Jeremy Renner May Never Walk Again After Horrific Accident?

Sources close to Jeremy Renner have stated that his leg injury could leave him unable to walk again.

By James Brizuela | Updated

jeremy renner accident

Jeremey Renner was involved in a horrific accident on New Year’s Day when he was operating a snow plow in an attempt to help a family member’s car that was stuck in the snow; the snow plow ran over his leg, causing severe damage. This severe damage could now result in Renner being unable to walk. A source close to Renner told Radar, “Jeremy’s already had two delicate surgeries…but there are serious doubts he will ever be able to walk right again — or at all.”

The source close to the situation also stated that Jeremy Renner’s family and close friends believe that the damage to his leg was so significant that he might not ever be able to walk and move like he used to. There are even details stating that the leg could be amputated if the surgeries that were done did not help the overall situation. A Florida-based surgeon named Dr. Gabe Mirkin also told Radar that Renner may need to have surgically implanted rods to help his leg heal, but that would result in amputation and the addition of an artificial appendage.

The entire accident unfolded when Jeremy Renner arrived to help tow a family member’s car to his Lake Tahoe estate. He was using a snowplow to toe the car, but when he stepped out of the plow, it began to roll on its own. Renner attempted to jump back into the driver’s seat and was run over by the vehicle.

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His neighbor was able to fashion a tourniquet to stop the excessive bleeding that was coming from his leg, and he was taken to a hospital. The injuries that Jeremy Renner sustained were heavy damage to his leg and blunt force trauma to his chest. Blunt force trauma could mean that he broke some of his ribs, but it could also mean that his heart was damaged in the process.

Dr. Mirkin also stated that the recovery process for Jeremy Renner is going to be “long and slow.” Renner had surgery on his leg on January 3 and still remains in the hospital’s ICU unit. He posted a message of thanks to the ICU hospital staff on his Instagram page on January 6.

Jeremy Renner just turned 52 years old on January 7, and he can at least be thankful that he is alive. The extent of his injuries is likely not going to be revealed just yet, as everyone recovers differently. We truly hope that he is able to recover fully and that we will see him back with the same type of movement he had in all his great movies.

For now, everyone can patiently wait for updates on the situation. As it currently stands, Jeremy Renner might see his leg amputated, or it might take a very long time for his leg to fully recover. Either way, there are droves of fans that have shown their support for the actor, and he has also thanked everyone via his social media pages.

We truly wish Jeremy Renner a full recovery, and we hope that the seriousness of his injuries goes in a more positive direction in a few weeks. Everyone can take solace, including him, that he was able to escape the freak accident with his life. We just hope there isn’t permanent damage.