Jeremy Renner Gives Major Update After Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner says even through his accident "brain fog," he enjoyed the second season premiere of his show Mayor of Kingstown.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

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Jeremy Renner is still early in his recovery following a severe snow plow accident that put him in the hospital in early January, but the Hawkeye actor is maintaining high spirits. Renner shared on Twitter that he watched the Season 2 premiere of Mayor of Kingstown at his home with his family. The episode premiered on January 15 on Paramount+.

Jeremy Renner’s accident took place near his home in Nevada. He towed a family member’s car using an old snow plow, a machine Renner has operated many times. The vehicle apparently began to move on its own when he was outside it, and when Renner attempted to get back in the vehicle, he was run over and sustained serious injuries across his body that most severely affected his leg.

A neighbor put a tourniquet on Renner’s leg to slow major blood loss. The Kingstown actor was airlifted from the scene and was in intensive care for weeks. Jeremy Renner had been listed as being in “critical but stable condition.”

Renner’s most recent update, which revealed he was enjoying family time at home in spite of his brain fog, served as a bright spot in the gloomy days since Renner’s injuries. His path to healing is expected to be long and slow, with some questioning whether Renner will be able to walk again. Jeremy Renner has proven to be tough in the past, working through injuries and maintaining excellent shape for his action-oriented roles.

jeremy renner accident

Mayor of Kingstown, a product of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, has been the acclaimed writer’s worst-reviewed TV project in his revered career. Despite the cold shoulder from critics, who have appraised the show with an average of 35 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, fans have embraced Jeremy Renner and the rest of the Kingstown cast, earning the show an average 91 percent audience score. 

In addition to Mayor of Kingstown, Renner shared that he will star in a series for Disney+ called Rennervations. The show will follow Jeremy Renner on a journey to build custom vehicles that will help fill specific purposes in communities around the world. The actor is also rumored to make an appearance in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, though the roster for that superhero extravaganza has not been solidified.

Jeremy Renner is best known for action roles, but the actor’s injuries may dictate a new path for his career. He is also attached to a drama following the controversy surrounding the making of the drug OxyContin, and a focus on drama rather than action may dominate the actor’s future. Renner has proven his acting chops in projects like Arrival and Wind River, and his ability on-screen and his charisma off-camera have amassed him a fanbase that will likely follow him wherever his career may go.

Jeremy Renner may play a superhero, but his accident is a sobering reminder that even Marvel stars are human. Renner is championing positivity, and his latest update serves as a good sign for fans eager to see the actor come out of the worst of his condition. He is a dedicated individual, and regardless of how his career changes in the aftermath of his accident, there is no doubt that millions of fans will continue to support him and witness his return.