Jeremy Renner 911 Call Released, Hear The Horrific Audio

The audio from Jeremy Renner's 911 call is awful to listen to.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

jeremy renner 911

Jeremy Renner fans have been very worried lately since the Hawkeye and Avengers star was rushed to the hospital after an accident with a snowplow on New Year’s Day. Descriptions of the incident sounded extremely scary, but it sounds even scarier when you listen to the 911 call made by Renner’s neighbor right after the incident.

In the call shared by the Irish Daily Mirror, you can hear the distressed neighbor telling the operator to “hurry,” because “someone’s been run over by a Snowcat.” He then goes on to say that the person, which we now know was Jeremy Renner, had been “crushed.” The 911 operator assures him that help is on the way, but you can still hear the fear in the man’s voice.

According to Variety, Jeremy Renner left the hospital on January 16 and was excited to be home in time to watch the second season premiere of his series Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+. More than two weeks had passed since that fateful incident and the 911 call that may have saved his life.

Jeremy Renner was in bad shape at first, with many media outlets posting updates that were as vague as they were frightening. Some said that the actor had broken his legs. Others said that he had chest trauma. Some weren’t even sure what had happened at all, but thought it may have had something to do with drunk driving a snowplow (investigators later stated clearly that the actor had not been impaired in any way). 

Eventually, more details made their way to the papers. Jeremy Renner’s car, which was being driven by someone else at the time, got stuck in the snow and Renner went to get his snow plow to help remove it. He was able to tow the car out, but when he got out of the plow to talk to the family member who had been driving the car, the snowplow began to roll. He tried to get back into the driver’s seat, but was ultimately run over by the plow, leading to numerous neighbors and family members hurriedly dialing 911.

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Jeremy Renner was gravely injured, and even though the 911 calls were made swiftly, three feet of fresh snow made rescue efforts difficult. Once medical teams arrived on the scene, neighbors helped by bringing towels and offering support. 

On January 5, Jeremy Renner posted a video update from his hospital bed, where he still lay with an oxygen mask and a black eye. He joked that he was having a spa day at the hospital, which put some of his fans’ minds at ease. His family also released a statement thanking everyone who had responded to the 911 call, as well as the nurses and the Reno City Mayor.

Jeremy Renner appears to be on the mend now, but this newly released 911 call brings everyone back to that moment when his neighbors and family feared the worst. Luckily, though, Renner is a fighter, and will continue to keep his spirits up – and his fans updated – as his condition keeps improving.