Jeopardy! Champion Gets Censored Out Of Broadcast

A historically good Jeopardy champion had been censored out of a live broadcast of a baseball game, leaving people to wonder if it had been intentional.

By James Brizuela | Published


Amy Schneider shocked the world when she ran through 40 wins on Jeopardy This champion became one of the highest earners ever and cemented her legacy within the community as she became the first-ever transgender woman to make it into the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Based on her popularity, she was given the high honor of throwing out the first pitch on Saturday’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. Unfortunately, Fox Sports decided to cut to a different first pitch by Nascar driver, Kurt Busch. This naturally led everyone to question the motives of the sports channel.

What made the placement of Busch’s throw seem so odd, is that announcers had cut to footage of Busch to promote the race that he was going to be in on Sunday. However, it made it seem as if they were completely censoring the Jeopardy champion out of the game. Both teams put aside their strong rivalry and wore baseball caps that had rainbow colors to signify their acceptance of the LGBT community, only it seemed very suspect to cut out Amy Schneider from being televised as throwing the first pitch given, she is a representative of that community. Even odder is that she is a resident of Oakland, so there should be some pride there knowing that she was the champion of the biggest quiz shows in the country. Scheider did have a good attitude about the whole thing. According to her, “As a lifelong baseball fan, just getting the chance to walk out on the field, let alone throw out the first pitch, was a dream come true.”

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Amy Schneider also joked that she had been practicing her pitch over the plate for weeks before she took the mound and what she delivered was not her best. The fact that she can show class in this situation speaks volumes about her character. She is currently #4 on the list of most winning Jeopardy champions. Schneider pulled in 1.38 million in her time on the show. The announcers on the San Francisco Giants side of things wanted to correct their mistakes. One was Duane Kuiper, who said, “It was Amy Schneider from ‘Jeopardy‘ fame who threw out the first pitch on Pride Day yesterday. I wanted to make sure she got her due.” It is a nice gesture for the game announcers to at least address the mix-up, though it does still seem suspect.

It’s nice that the Giants can realize their mistakes and attempt to rectify them. Though cutting out Amy Schneider may have been an accident, it does seem to be a bit coincidental that she was cut out. The Jeopardy champion was also throwing out the pitch on “Pride Day” at the game, so cutting her out seems even worse than intended. Schneider denied comment on the mix-up and just reiterated that she felt honored to be invited to throw out the first pitch in San Francisco.

This seems like it could have been a mix-up for the ages, and the Jeopardy champion has shown that she doesn’t need this to turn into a giant source of drama. Amy Schneider deserves her recognition for being such a successful champion on the show and representing both the Bay Area and the LGBT community. Hopefully, her ceremonial first pitch wasn’t as bad as she had joked about it.