Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Quitting Social Media, But For A Good Reason

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt has over a million followers on Instagram, but she won’t be talking to them. At least, not for a while. The actress is well known for her 1990s role in I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the family drama of the same era, Party of Five. Since then, she’s led several television series, including Ghost Whisperer and The Client List. Right now, the most notable event in her personal life is that she just welcomed her third child. As such, she says she hasn’t given herself much time to breathe and collect herself. Right now, she’s going to take some time to do just that with her break from social media. She guesses that she will need one to two weeks away from her normally active accounts, but isn’t making any promises when it comes to a timeline.

Before officially going dark, Jennifer Love Hewitt took to her Instagram Stories to let her followers know of her plans. The Stories feature only remains up for twenty-four hours, so if you missed it, you might not realize where she’s gone to. In her Stories, she said, “Today is my first day back in the sauna after being pregnant and having my baby. Two days ago was my first long bath since labor. Some things you can’t do till the doc says so and others you just stop taking time for,” she said by way of explanation.

Jennifer Love Hewitt added that she isn’t just leaving Instagram, but social media in general to take some time to do right by herself. She said, “Self care, moments to breathe and feel yourself again. Even in small ways. So important.” She then added what she’ll be doing while she’s gone, saying, “I need to take my scrolling time and make it active time. Workouts, breathing, manifesting, time with my kids and husband. All of it.”

She added that often social media makes her feel terrible about herself. While Jennifer Love Hewitt shared this in the context of her own personal experience, it’s a notion that many can identify with. In fact, studies have been done, and if social media makes you feel terrible, you’re not alone. The studies suggested that while many took mental breaks by getting on their phones, that was the worst thing individuals could do. It sounds like the actress’s plan to workout and spend more time with her family are in line with what science suggests is a good way to feel better and take care of oneself.

Before taking her social media break, Jennifer Love Hewitt made one last social media post on her Instagram. The post shared what her stomach looked like just before she gave birth. The fun additions were made by her two older children.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is at an interesting point in her career, where one of her most popular works is being rebooted. I Know What You Did Last Summer is now a streaming series for Amazon Prime. Ryan Phillippe, who co-starred in the original, has said that seeing his work rebooted has made him feel old. This hasn’t lessened his enthusiasm to see the horror reboot happen. In fact, he’s all for it and claims that his former co-stars are as well.

For now, Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t going to be on social media talking about the reboot of her former franchise or anything else. She’ll be taking care of herself and her family for a while instead of scrolling. While she didn’t promise to come back at any specific date, the normally active accounts seem unlikely to stay quiet for long.