See Jennifer Lopez In A Comfy Sweater And Little Else

Jennifer Lopez wears a sweater, sandals, and not a whole lot else in a paid partnership with luxury brand Coach.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated

jennifer lopez

Fans are swooning over a recent set of photos from actress, singer, and fashionista Jennifer Lopez. Lopez posted stills from a recent shoot early this morning to her Instagram. According to the Instagram post, Lopez is doing a partnership with the luxury brand Coach. 

The shoot features a backdrop of an NYC skyline. According to comments on the post from the Coach official account, she is modeling the Coach brand’s Kellie Sandal. The shoe is a cream-colored heel with a padded, almost floral strap design at the toes.

The series of images displays Jennifer Lopez in an array of sultry positions. She is wearing an oversized cream cardigan sweater with splashes of pastel color along the cuff and pocket. Underneath she wears a black bralette and black shorts. 

Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has never been a stranger to collaborations with iconic fashion brands. She is known as a fashion icon herself. She was a pioneer in many late ’90s and early 2000s pop and hip-hop fashion trends.

The 53-year-old triple-threat performer has always been known in part for her physique. She is known to engage in extensive exercise and maintain a strict dietary regimen.

But to reduce Jennifer Lopez down to her looks would be short-selling the many attributes that make Lopez a modern-day icon. As an actress, singer, and dancer, Lopez is a modern-day triple threat. Her success in all three realms sets her apart as one in a handful of contemporaries.

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding

Few stars have the same brand recognition as Jennifer Lopez, who first got her start in the world of acting as a regular dancer on the Wayans Brothers-led sketch comedy series In Living Color in 1991. She would go on to land her first leading role in 1997’s Selena, a posthumous biopic about the eponymous American Tejano singer. The film’s success propelled Lopez into the spotlight, and she would soon start to establish herself as a leading actress. 

Lopez’s film success would lead her to rack up box office hits like The Cell, Anaconda, and more recently 2019’s Hustlers. All of these grossed over $100 million at the box office. These roles and others helped Lopez establish herself as the highest-paid Hispanic actress in Hollywood. Still, success in the film industry was not all that was in store for Lopez.

Lopez embarked on a successful musical career as well. She would find success with the singles “If You Had My Love” and “I’m Real.” “Jenny From the Block” became known as a triple-threat singer, dancer, and actor, as well as a pop culture icon.

Because of her success in film and music, many consider Jennifer Lopez to be a groundbreaking figure. She led the way for other American Latinx artists in the entertainment industry. Lopez helped show that Latina women can be successful leading ladies and commanding presences in the industry.

Now, Jennifer Lopez is a veteran performer who is still influential in film. Fans of Lopez’s will be happy to see her appearing on Netflix with her role in the thriller The Mother upcoming in May 2023. Even after over 30 years in the spotlight, Lopez is still able to garner attention and absolutely rock a good pair of heels.