See Jennifer Lopez Spilling Out Of A Crystal Gown

Jennifer Lopez looked incredible at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

By Jessica Scott | Published

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is looking fierce and flawless in her latest Instagram post. The singer/actress is dripping in shimmering chains as she poses in a navy blue gown that ends in a cloud of ruffles and shows off both her toned legs and her cleavage. She wore this look to The Grammys, where she was both a presenter and a guest, attending with her husband Ben Affleck. 

Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. J.Lo a.k.a. Jenny from the Block, is no stranger to turning heads at awards shows. She has been making headlines – and search engines, apparently – since the 2000 Grammy Awards, which she attended wearing a green and blue dress by Versace that was open from the neck to her matching panties, which could also be seen through the sheer skirt. The outfit was so titillating that everyone watching spent the night wondering if it would hold together, or if her tanned assets really would come spilling out of the gown.

On the 20th anniversary of her wearing the dress (yes, it was such a momentous occasion that it merits an anniversary), Jennifer Lopez told Vogue that “The dress was provocative enough, I guess, to make people really interested. When it blew open, everybody was like ‘What’s going to happen next?’” The answer to that question? “Nothing. [It was] all taped down.”

Still, though, Jennifer Lopez’s dress caused such a stir that according to CNN, it became the most searched term on Google in 2000. This led then-CEO Eric Schmidt to realize that more functionality was needed in Google searches. People didn’t just want text, they wanted pictures. “But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: JLO wearing that dress,” Schmidt said. 

So, because of Jennifer Lopez, “Google Image Search was born.” Up until then, the Google results page had consisted solely of text and links to websites, not the images themselves. So, it was frustratingly difficult for people to find the scandalous photo to show their friends. 

In July of 2001, Google Image Search was launched, and we’ve all been searching and sharing scandalous photos ever since. Thanks, J.Lo!

Interestingly, the dress that practically invented the internet was actually worn by two other women before it made its way to Jennifer Lopez. Donatella Versace, who designed the outfit, was the first to wear it in public at the Met Gala in 1999. Then, earlier in 2000, Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls wore it to the NRJ Music Awards. Neither of those ladies caused quite the stir Jennifer Lopez did with it, however, so it is J.Lo’s name that will forever be associated with “that green dress.”

Unfortunately for Jennifer Lopez, though, it was not her sexy blue gown that made headlines at the Grammys in 2023. Instead, it was her husband, Ben Affleck, who was making himself into yet another internet meme as he stared into space during much of the show, looking like he would very much rather be anywhere else in the world but there. 

Jennifer Lopez’s outfit was most likely not to blame for his being so bored… although it is fair to assume that Ben Affleck has seen far more of his wife’s tantalizing outfits than we have.