See The Sultry Photoshoot That Got Jennifer Lopez Trending

By Britta DeVore | 3 months ago

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is back on top. Though, it isn’t like she ever left. Since her breakthrough role in 1997’s Selena, the dancer, actress, singer and all around sex symbol has been at the top of the charts and at the top of her game from gate. And now she’s trending all over again due to a stunning cover takeover for Rolling Stone magazine. 

Throughout a series of shots, Jennifer Lopez confidently stuns in multiple outfits, showing off her sexy side. In the first photo of the series, we see the singer strike a pose for the cover of the magazine. With a super straight, face fitting haircut, she dons a cut up black suit jacket with slacks to match. Decked out in thick bracelets and giant hoop earrings, she poses under the words “Icons & Influences” with “How she broke all the rules to get to the top” scrawled out next to her. The second photo reveals more of Jennifer’s sexy black suit look as she strikes for a full body shot, showing off her chunky stiletto heels.

Changing her look for the following images in the series, the third shot is a close up of Jennifer Lopez from the shoulders up. This time less rigid, the triple threat beams brightly, emanating a true happiness from her eyes. Scrolling to the right, we see Jennifer in yet another outfit. This time, she wears a different set of heels with a white dress-suit hybrid that pops at the middle with a blue belt. Where the top crosses her chest, the dress glimmers with a piece of gold resembling a seashell. Beaming once again, J-Lo strikes a pose looking as amazing as always. Finally, in the last picture, she takes a moment to show off her incredible legs hitting her look on top of a raised box platform. Wearing a nude colored leotard with an over-piece to match, the popstar gives a sultry look to the camera, proving that she still has it all.

A household name, Jennifer Lopez has been on screens everywhere before her role in Selena, just on a smaller scale. As a dancer, she landed her first big gig on the series, Living Color. In the world of film, she nabbed parts in Mi Familia, Money Train, and Jack all before her huge role as the singer whose life was cut short too early. From there, her career really took off, starring in blockbuster hits including Anaconda and Out of Sight. A talented singer on top of her acting skills, J-Lo soon put her voice out there with her first album release, On the 6 in 1999. The album was a hit and featured songs including the chart topping single, “If You Had My Love” and “Waiting for Tonight.” From here, her popularity only grew, continuing to write music while starring in more films throughout the 2000s. She struck gold when she starred in Maid in Manhattan which became the highest grossing film of her career. After a few setbacks, J-Lo came back stronger than ever to judge American Idol, a move that relaunched her career and helped her step back into her power. 

Since then, there have been a slew of opportunities opening up for the powerhouse performer. Fans can next catch Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming film, Marry Me, in which she stars opposite Owen Wilson. Along with a long running, uber successful career in Hollywood and the music industry, these photos prove that although she’s had her fair share of setbacks, Jennifer reigns supreme once again.