See Jennifer Lopez Pose Behind A Gauzy Veil

Jennifer Lopez has one of the most sensual gazes in the world, and this gauzy veil only makes it that much more potent.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

jennifer lopez

The recent sudden marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, twenty years and a marriage apiece after they first began dating, was strangely shocking. While the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (often using a portmanteau that we shall not dignify) has been one of the more famous ones in recent pop culture, it still somehow seemed like they might not ever actually tie the knot. While we are still awaiting a full reveal of the famously fashion-forward Jennifer Lopez’s wedding gown, the superstar herself has given us a little glimpse of it via social media. Check it out:

As one might expect from one of the most massive triple-threat pop stars of all time, Jennifer Lopez has an enormously popular social media presence. Her Instagram account alone has 220 million followers, all of whom are lucky enough to be able to see the star herself gazing from behind a gauzy veil with an imperiously sensual gaze. According to reports, Jennifer Lopez’s wedding dress was designed by fellow Bronx native Ralph Lauren. The caption to this post by Jennifer Lopez (which, we really cannot overemphasize the power of her gaze when combined with a translucent wedding veil and thick black eyeliner) indicates that the full wedding fit is available elsewhere, so one might have to track that down. 

Jennifer Lopez has already released two feature films in 2022, because she never slows down, ever. The first was a romantic comedy titled Marry Me, which paired her with Owen Wilson. Marry Me followed Jennifer Lopez as a suspiciously Jennifer Lopez-like pop star who breaks off her globally broadcast public wedding to a fellow celebrity (portrayed by Colombian pop star Maluma), and impulsively marries a non-famous schmo who happened to be holding a sign with the title of the movie. The film was distributed in theaters by Universal Pictures and was one of the films that experimented with simultaneous theatrical and streaming (in this case, Peacock Premium) releases. 

Her other release of 2022 (so far) was the documentary Halftime, which was released on Netflix in June. The feature followed Jennifer Lopez’s career up till that point, including her massively popular singing career, her global performance tours, her early career as a dancer on the cult sketch show In Living Color, and her eventual emergence as an actor with Selena and Out of Sight. It also particularly emphasized her show at the halftime of Super Bowl LIV (in which she has expressed resentment at jointly performing with fellow pop star Shakira) and her movie Hustlers (in which she expressed resentment at not receiving recognition from the Academy Awards). 

Jennifer Lopez has two upcoming projects in 2022, in addition to her upcoming press junket for her wedding. She will co-star with Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding, in which a couple experiencing cold feet on the eve of their destination wedding are forced to rescue their families, who are being held hostage. She will also be starring in The Mother, as a retired assassin coming out of retirement to rescue her daughter.