See Jennifer Lopez In A Black Bra And Nighty Pretending To Write A Book

Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic in a black lingerie set and a pencil.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Jennifer Lopez is not particularly known as a writer, but a new image set posted on her social media displays her in a literary mode. In a set of pictures posted to her very, very popular Instagram account (currently at 226 million followers, which is more than the entire population of Brazil, for comparison), Jennifer Lopez is modeling a black bra and pajama set. The Anaconda star looks fantastic in Italian lingerie, but there is pretty much no outfit she does not look amazing in. 

According to the tags in Jennifer Lopez’s post, the lingerie she is wearing is by the Italian lingerie designer Intimissimi. The caption to the post reads “I’ve Been Thinkin’ … comfy cozy writing session today,” while the star of the upcoming film The Mother is holding a black pencil with an open book in front of her with a pensive look on her face. According to Jennifer Lopez’s IMDb page, she has only one writing credit (for a 2012 talent show titled ¡Q’Viva!: The Chosen), so it is probably not likely that she is actually doing anything more than journaling, but it still makes for a good style session. 

In the second image in the set, Jennifer Lopez has let the black satin pajama top slide down one shoulder, allowing an even greater look at her black lacy bra while her long, dark blonde hair tumbles down the other. The third pulls back to show her in full, having now picked up the book and holding it aimlessly in one hand. The fourth and final image in the set is a close-up of the black bra, showing off both the fine craftsmanship, a tiny diamond necklace, and Jennifer Lopez’s impressive physique. 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the more talented people in the entertainment industry, having grown a career as an actress, singer, performer, model, and producer from an early start as a Fly Girl dancer on the In Living Color sketch show. Since then, she has done everything from a crime movie with George Clooney to a dark psychological science fiction thriller with Vincent D’Onofrio to a romantic comedy with Matthew McConaughey. While she received her greatest critical acclaim for the crime drama Hustlers in 2019, Jennifer Lopez apparently still feels a bit sore about not getting the expected Academy Award nomination for it.

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More recently, Jennifer Lopez starred in the romantic comedy Marry Me with Owen Wilson, in which she portrayed a pop star suspiciously like herself who gets impulsively married to a non-famous person plucked out of a crowd. She will soon be starring in an action thriller titled The Mother, in which she plays a former assassin coming out of retirement, for which she seems to be getting impressively jacked. Finally, she will be starring in yet another matrimony-themed movie, titled Shotgun Wedding, along with Josh Duhamel. Also, she just got married to some guy named Ben Affleck, after they apparently had some previous, little-reported romantic history.