See Jennifer Lopez Show Off Her Midriff In A White Suit

Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic in this all-white outfit.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

jennifer lopez

Sometimes, it seems like Jennifer Lopez made some kind of pact with the devil, or maybe she’s just a vampire of some stripe. This would explain the fact that she has continued to look smoking hot for decades, with her appearance barely changing over the years. And if you have any doubts about her current smoking status, just check out these pictures on Instagram where the star shows off her midriff in a white suit.

Jennifer Lopez posted three photos to Instagram for her fans, and each of them is stunning. The first photo is a smoldering selfie that gives only the barest glimpse of the white suit in question and the second photo shows her sitting down on a film set and intently listening to someone, looking quite comfortable in the diaphanous suit, golden shoes, and big rings. In the final image, she is standing with her back to a mirror, giving us a better view of a dangling golden belt and a midriff that she seductively exposed by missing all the buttons but one on her largely see-through white button-up shirt. 

jennifer lopez
Shotgun Wedding

While we like to think that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need much of an excuse to look this breathtaking, she had a special purpose in posting these pics. In her caption, she noted how “it’s a nice day for a white (Shotgun) Wedding.” This is a reference to her film Shotgun Wedding, which has already debuted in both Indonesia and Singapore and will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on January 27 of this month.

Given this information, it seems like Jennifer Lopez was sharing pics of herself on the film set, meaning we’re likely to see her wearing this steamy ensemble onscreen in the movie. What’s interesting is that, while she shared these photos recently, they may not be very recent photos. The movie has been in development in one form or another since 2019, and (after some cast changes), it wrapped filming back on April 22, 2021.

Why did a buzzworthy Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy with so many other big names attached (including The Good Place’s D’Arcy Carden, musical legend Lenny Kravitz, and white-hot The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge) take so long to release? Originally, Lionsgate Films was going to release this film into theaters in 2022, but Amazon Studios later acquired the rights so they could have a hot new movie on Prime Video. Lionsgate still had the rights to release the film theatrically outside of America, which is why it has already been in theaters in Singapore and Indonesia even though it won’t stream on Prime Video until January 27.

Ultimately, we can’t blame Jennifer Lopez for her excitement that this movie will finally be seen by a wider audience, and we’re always grateful when she shares such sultry pictures with us. Only time will tell whether this film ends up being as hot as Lopez herself in the eyes of critics and audiences alike. As for Lopez, she is still celebrating her not-so-shotgun wedding to Ben Affleck last year and is likely counting down to her next major project after this movie releases.