See Jennifer Lopez Wildly Dance In A Tiny White Dress

Jennifer Lopez is a newly married woman and this video shows that she can still shake it in a little white dress with the best of them.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

jennifer lopez

The news of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s sudden Las Vegas wedding has reminded us of how fascinated we are as a culture by their relationship, but there are plenty of other things to remember why we love her. For example, there is this video that Jennifer Lopez posted on her wildly popular Instagram account. In the short video, we see the actor/musician/Fly Girl dance her heart out while wearing an absurdly short white mini-dress and knee-high boots. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez doing her thing:

This particular video of Jennifer Lopez is captioned “Monday mood,” and really says a lot about how she feels about Mondays. Unlike say, the cartoon cat Garfield, a Monday seems to inspire Jennifer Lopez to burst into a frantic on-stage dance to a funky instrumental breakdown. It seems like this video comes from a live performance on one of her tours (most likely the 2019 It’s My Party Tour in support of her romantic comedy film Second act), and she is dressed to kill in the aforementioned white mini-dress. It has a deep, narrow neckline and cutouts along her torso, which probably is necessary for the sheer level of energetic dancing that Jennifer Lopez is up to. 

Flanked by a crew of backup dancers and adored by a cheering crowd, Jennifer Lopez shows off the dance moves that initially made her famous as one of In Living Color’s famous dancing Fly Girls. While audiences may have been reminded of her famed moves with the 2019 crime film Hustlers (which was not nominated for any Academy Awards, much to the ire of Jennifer Lopez), seeing her in full-fledged action is actually quite amazing. The superstar seamlessly moves from a fist-pumping solo dance to synchronizing with her backup dancers to an acrobatic duet with one and then back to a solo, now flanked by the dancers. It is pretty cool to watch, plus the whole “tiny white dress” thing. 

Jennifer Lopez’s most recent film Marry Me co-starred Owen Wilson and was released simultaneously in theaters and streaming in February. While the movie mostly received mixed reviews (with critics noting both the low-energy plot and the surprisingly strong chemistry of the stars), it immediately became the most-streamed day-and-date movie on the Peacock streaming platform. Despite its popularity as a streaming title (and the slow resurgence of theater attendance), Marry Me grossed a solid $50 million off a $23 million budget. 

Jennifer Lopez’s next project is titled The Mother, an action drama in which she portrays an assassin coming out of retirement to protect her child. It will co-star Ralph Fiennes and Gael García Bernal. Interestingly, she is also going to star in a film titled The Godmother; the movie will follow the life and career of notorious drug cartel Griselda Blanco. It will likely be competing with Sofia Vergara’s Netflix series Griselda, which will cover the same topic. Finally, Jennifer Lopez will also be starring in an upcoming dystopian science fiction film titled Atlas.