Jennifer Lopez Proves She Can Still Stun In A Simple Crop Top In Latest Photoshoot

By Nathan Kamal | 1 month ago

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez simply cannot seem to stop being astounding for even a single moment. While we certainly love it when she gets on social media and posts an astonishing designer lingerie photo set, or when she recreates one of her iconic music videos for us all, she also can do it with the simplest things. For example, J. Lo just recently shared some images from a photoshoot in which she makes a basic crop top seem like the sexiest article of clothing ever created. Take a look for yourself: 

In the three-part photoshoot, Jennifer Lopez first appears standing in a Coach-branded white crop top. Her famously toned midriff is completely bare, and she has a pale pink set of boxers peeking up from her low-rise blue jeans. She has a dusty rose-colored leather jacket across her shoulders, and her long, highlighted brown and blonde hair is falling down the top. The second set has Lopez sitting on the arm on an orange leather coach, now clad in a long hooded coat. It is houndstooth patterned, with colors of cream, blue, red, and orange contrasting her toned skin. She also has a quilted Coach bag by her side, which she cheerfully displays in a short video at the end of the slides. And in the third, Jennifer Lopez is back in the crop top and jeans, now artfully sprawled across a sofa with a different, now blue Coach handbag with her. All in all, it’s J.Lo at her most casually stylish. 

Since famously beginning her career in show business as one of the Fly Girls dancers on the 1990s sketch comedy show ​​In Living Color, Jennifer Lopez has basically conquered every aspect of the entertainment industry. She rocketed to critical acclaim and popularity in the biopic film Selena, in which she portrayed Tejano icon Selena Quintanilla (though not without controversy). Lopez appeared in a wide variety of movies shortly after, from the goofy thrills of Anaconda to Steven Soderbergh’s stylish crime thriller Out of Sight and the psychological thriller The Cell. She simultaneously launched a pop career during the Latin pop explosion of the early 2000s. Since then, she has starred in enormous romantic comedy blockbusters like Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law, as well as bombs like the notorious flop Gigli (with then-and-current partner Ben Affleck). 

In recent years, Jennifer Lopez starred in the NBC crime procedural series Shades of Blue, held a hugely popular residency in Las Vegas, and was a host on a dance competition show. She also returned to the romantic comedy genre with Marry Me, a reunion with her Anaconda costar Owen Wilson. It was a critical and commercial success and broke a streaming record for the NBC platform Peacock. Jennifer Lopez took a page from many entertainers of late and signed a multi-year deal with the streaming giant Netflix, so likely any new projects she has coming out will be there. But at least in the meantime, we will take what we can get with these “casual” photoshoots on Instagram.