Jennifer Lopez Made Ben Affleck’s Kids Proud of Him, But You Won’t Guess How

By Michileen Martin | 8 seconds ago

jennifer lopez ben affleck

Ben Affleck boasts two Oscar wins — one for co-writing 1998’s Good Will Hunting, and a Best Motion Picture of the Year award for 2012’s Argo, which he directed, starred in, and produced. He was Daredevil before Charlie Cox, and he was Batman before Robert Pattinson. Yet, according to Affleck, it took Jennifer Lopez, the Los Angeles Lakers, and a long list of memes for his kids to be proud of him.

That’s what Affleck told Entertainment Tonight this past weekend while on the red carpet for the premiere of Tender Bar with Jennifer Lopez. Asked about how he felt about he and Lopez being turned into a meme after exchanging a whispered conversation court side for the L.A. Lakers, Affleck said, “I don’t follow memes.” But, apparently his kids are a different story. He told ET, “My kids think the highest form of success in life is to become a meme, so in that sense, they have to be proud of me despite outward appearances.”

Last Tuesday, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were sitting court side for the Lakers’ 117 to 102 victory over the Boston Celtics. At a particular moment in the game, Affleck leaned over to whisper something to his date, and social media had a ball turning the moment into memes. Sports Illustrated got in on the action, inviting followers of their Twitter account to caption the moment. Between the memes and the captions, only a few users referenced the game itself, but they were there.

Last month, according to Page Six, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got their respective kids together to host a food drive during Thanksgiving weekend. Photographers got shots of, among other things, Affleck carrying 200 pounds worth of rice in a way that would make either the Man Without Fear or the Dark Knight proud. Fittingly, some of the funnier Bennifer court side memes revolved around food.

There were some captions a bit more general. For example, one funny, if obvious, caption referenced Affleck’s most well known Hollywood frienship. Another takes a deep dive into one of Affleck’s worst reviewed movies — yes, even worse than Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s shared mistake Jersey Girl.

But, of course, most of the memes and captions referenced exactly what you think they would. In whatever alternate universes the jokes behind these memes are literal truth, Jennifer Lopez is blissfully unaware of Affleck’s turn at Batman, and Affleck is constantly letting her know. He’s also giving her bad news about Alfred the Butler’s apparently voyeuristic intentions.

Of course, if being in a meme is all it takes to impress Ben Affleck’s kids, then hopefully someone has let them know their dad — sans Jennifer Lopez — was part of one of the most memorable memes in the history of social media. We’re talking, of course, about Sadfleck. After an interview aired with Affleck and his Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice costar Henry Cavill, social media users took a specific moment in the interview and made it mean so much more.

If the seemingly renewed romance between Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continues, we’re no doubt destined for even more memes. Then of course, there’s 2022’s The Flash in which Ben Affleck will reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. In the meantime, Affleck stars in The Tender Bar, directed by George Clooney, which hits theaters this Friday.