Jennifer Lopez Looks Stunning In Tight Backless Dress

By Faith McKay | 22 seconds ago

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, singer, and fashion icon. She’s also a social media influencer, with over 182 million followers on her Instagram account. She took to that account to share photos of her latest outfit, a slinky dress with tiny rhinestone-studded straps, high heels, and a very low back.

You can see Jennifer Lopez in the dress in her post below. The first picture shows a close-up of her smoky eye makeup. Click the arrow on the right to see the back of her dress.

The caption reveals that Jennifer Lopez is in Las Vegas. In her Stories, she reposted the first photo with her eye makeup and encouraged her followers to take advantage of Sephora’s wintertime makeup sales. JLo often hops on social media to share photos of her outfits, makeup, daily life, or to celebrate milestones like her birthday. She also shares photos from the recording studio and first looks at her upcoming movies.

The post showing off her backless, slinky dress for a night in Las Vegas was soon followed up by one showing a montage from her next movie. Marry Me is a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. The Instagram video reveals that she appears to be recording original songs for the movie, which would make sense. Lopez is set to play a pop star in Marry Me.

As Kat Valdez, the movie opens up on her wedding day. She is all set to tie the knot with her superstar fiance, Bastian, when she discovers that he has cheated on her. While standing at the altar, seconds before she’s meant to say “I do”, she nixes her plans to marry Bastian, but not the wedding itself. Instead, she chooses a man from the crowd–Charlie, played by Owen Wilson–and she marries him instead. Brief flashes from the movie were shared in the video from Jennifer Lopez below.

The caption on her post reveals that Jennifer Lopez fans can expect a full trailer for Marry Me to drop on Thursday, November 18, 2021. Marry Me is actually one of two romantic comedies coming up for the actress. The other one is also wedding-themed. In Shotgun Wedding she’ll be playing Darcy and marrying Tom, played by Josh Duhamel. Their destination wedding will be hijacked by criminals.

These movies mark a return to romantic comedies for the actress. She’s had a varied career, starring in movies like Anaconda, but some of her most popular roles have been in romantic comedies like Maid In Manhattan and The Wedding Planner. She’s also been in some romantic comedies that have made it onto some unpopular lists, like Gigli, which she co-starred in with her current boyfriend, Ben Affleck. Her fans will be watching to see how her next romantic comedies stack up. Marry Me is set to release on February 11, 2022, right before Valentine’s Day.