See Jennifer Lopez Get Sultry At An Arcade In New Photos

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez has her own line of JLo shoe designs coming to DSW this fall. She told People that she wanted to create a line with a little bit of everything that she loves. On her photo campaign to show them off, she said she wanted to do something “people can engage and have fun with”. This goal led her to decide to pose in the shoes in a classic arcade.

See the new Jennifer Lopez photos below.

jennifer lopez

Above, Jennifer Lopez is wearing an oversized fur jacket, pigtails, and over-the-knee boots with a three and three-quarter-inch angled heel. There’s a metallic accent line just over the heel in the back to add some flash to the boots. Lopez herself is five feet and five inches tall, so these boots bring her up to approximately five foot nine. They are hardly the tallest heels from her collection.

In the photo below, Jennifer Lopez embraces a pink catsuit covered in sparkles. While you can’t see the shoes, she’s wearing Cinderella wedges. The Cinderella part is because of the clear heel (made of lucite) that is also three and three-quarter inches high.

jenny from the block

The reviews on this pair are already coming in on the site for DSW, and they’re not entirely favorable. They agree that the shoes look cute. However, the general consensus is that wearing these wedges is a lot of work. This points out something specific that Jennifer Lopez may come into a lot with her new line of affordable shoes: the kinds of shoes she loves and make sense for her life are not always in line with the lives of her fans.

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, singer, and dancer. In her long career, she’s gotten used to wearing a lot of very tall heels while doing absolutely anything and everything in her daily life. That means when she goes to a gaming arcade, she can wear tall heels without thinking about whether that’s going to kill her back while she’s bent over a pinball machine trying to break the high score. If a director for a movie or music videos tells her to chase someone down a street while wearing tall, thin heels, she’s going to do it, be great at it, and never complain. Jennifer Lopez is still a human being, so she’s likely uncomfortable, but she looks great and she’s made her peace with it. The average consumer may find these tall lucite heels to be impractical in their daily lives. That doesn’t mean they’re not going to try though, because, well, they are cute.

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez showed off where she’s wearing her new line of affordable shoes: the Met Gala. At one of the world’s most glamorous events, she may have been one of the only people there wearing shoes that cost around $100. She paired the tall silver heels with a western-inspired Ralph Lauren Coutour outfit.

Lately, Jennifer Lopez is mostly making headlines for her romantic relationship. After years apart, she’s back with Ben Affleck. In her film career, she has two projects coming up, and both have wedding-based plots. Marry Me sees her about to get married when she discovers her groom has cheated on her. She selects a random participant from the audience to marry instead. Shotgun Wedding will see her at a destination wedding that gets hijacked by criminals. Both are slated for 2022 releases.