See Jenna Ortega Take Over The Red Carpet In An Open Top And High Heels 

Jenna Ortega wore an open top and stunning heels to the premiere of Scream VI.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

jenna ortega white tiger

This is a pretty big week for Jenna Ortega. She already has a legion of new fans thanks to the success of her Netflix series Wednesday, and now she is headlining Scream VI, helping to take this venerable horror series in a new direction. And at the premiere of that new film, she one-upped gothy, red carpet stunner Aubrey Plaza by rocking an open top and high heels that left fans understandably stunned.

When the first previews for Scream VI came out, fans were torn on whether Ghostface should be stalking his prey with a gun or not. Eventually, the consensus was that the iconic killer can use whatever weapons he needs to slay his victims. But with this image, Jenna Ortega effortlessly shows us that she doesn’t need a gun or a knife to slay, especially when she’s serving looks this hot.

At first, it might not look like Jenna Ortega had much to say with her post (then again, that open top is doing all the talking for her) as she had the simple caption “Scream VI premiere,” but there are some funny details in the rest of her post. For example, she used the hashtag #tiffanyandco to give credit for her glittering necklace, but her next hashtag was #sharpiestainwhogivesashit, drawing sarcastic attention to the faint stain on her clothing that was made by French fashion maestro Olivier Rousteing. While that particular tag employed Ortega’s weird sense of humor, we think she was being serious with her follow-up hashtag that simply read #imsosorryolivier before she tagged the designer.

And as usual, one of the best parts of this sizzling hot Instagram post is seeing what Jenna Ortega’s fans had to say about her steamy appearance. One fan, for example, claimed that while they were hoping Scream VI was “great,” it doesn’t matter as much because, to them, Ortega is “the plot.” Another fan cut to the chase about their worship of the sexy actor, writing that they fell to their knees “in the middle of WalMart” (looks like prices aren’t the only thing falling in the aisles of this retail giant).

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Whether you’re the kind of fan in it for Ghostface, Jenna Ortega, or even the actual plot, it looks like you’ll be pleased with Scream VI. As of this writing, the movie has an impressive critical score on Rotten Tomatoes of 79 percent, and that’s a few points higher than Scream 5’s score of 76 percent. It seems like these newer movies are just getting more impressive over time, which is also a great way of describing Ortega’s career.

While she has a lot of competition in the form of Mia Goth (star of the upcoming MaXXXine), Jenna Ortega has been working hard in recent years to establish herself as this generation’s definitive scream queen. She was a very welcome addition to the franchise in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and she dropped a trio of horror goodness on us last year with Scream 5, X, and Wednesday. We’re excited to see what she does next, but it’s fair to say she’s already left a mark on Hollywood that, unlike her Sharpie stain, won’t come off with a bit of rubbing alcohol.