Jared Leto Lost His Oscar

By Faith McKay | 5 months ago

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As an Oscar winner, you will be asked in many interviews, “Where do you keep it?”. Reporters will laugh when they hear the actors tell them they don’t know what to do with it. They keep it at their mom’s house. Maybe they keep moving the award around their home. A surprising number of stars keep their awards in their bathrooms. It’s an odd thing, figuring out where to keep your Oscar, but it’s definitely a thing you imagine the actors are aware of. After all, it’s an Oscar. That’s a big deal! Unfortunately, Jared Leto, who used to keep his Oscar in his kitchen, has lost it while he was moving to a new house in Los Angeles.

He casually shared the loss of his Oscar during an interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden. The award was for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. Apparently, it has been missing for three years. He said that he wasn’t aware it had gone missing. It seemed that no one wanted to tell him, fearing he would be upset. He said that people had looked for it high and low, but it hadn’t been around since the move. If Jared Leto was deeply hurt by the loss, he wasn’t sharing that on the show. He said he hopes “it’s in good hands, wherever it is”.

Jared Leto is not the only celebrity to lose his Oscar. You would think it would be an odd thing to steal. After all, the awards do have their names on them. There are more stories of them going missing, though. And of course, maybe Jared Leto’s wasn’t stolen. Lots of things just go missing during a move. However, with so many hands around, it seems hard to believe someone didn’t pick it up, even if all Leto says is that it “magically disappeared”.

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In terms of celebrity stories where the Oscar was stolen, Whoopi Goldberg is a prime example. She won an award for her role in Ghost. Years later, she sent it back to the Academy to be cleaned and re-plated. Then, it went missing in an unusual way. Apparently, she gave the award to the Academy, they boxed it up and sent it via UPS to the manufacturer. The box arrived empty. Someone actually opened the package, removed Whoopi Goldberg’s Oscar, and resealed the box. That took some audacity.

Eventually, a security guard at an Ontario, California airport found the statuette in a garbage bin. The award was returned to the academy, and then to the actress. Hopefully, this story means there is some hope for Jared Leto’s Oscar to magically reappear in the same way it disappeared. In Whoopi Goldberg’s case, apparently, whoever stole the award didn’t know what to do with it, which makes sense. Whoopi Goldberg decided she didn’t want to have her award cleaned anymore and released a statement saying, “Oscar will never leave my house again.”

It seems unlikely that Jared Leto will be lucky enough to have his Oscar returned after three years missing, but apparently anything can happen. It does have his name on it. 

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While doing interviews and sharing the loss of his Oscar, Jared Leto is also promoting his new movie, The Little Things. The crime thriller is written and directed by John Lee Hancock and comes out on January 29th. You’ll be able to watch the new movie on HBO Max. He is also currently set to star in Morbius and is rumored to be in two different upcoming projects as The Joker.