See Jared Leto Celebrate His 50th Birthday Shirtless And With a Bloody Lip

Jared Leto celebrates his birthday with a lip that's bloodier than usual.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jared Leto has been one of the most popular movie stars of the past 10 years. Not to mention that he is also a rockstar as the lead singer of his group, 30 Seconds to Mars. From roles as The Joker, Niander Wallace in BladeRunner 2049, and Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club — which helped him win an Oscar — there seems to be no stopping the man. Leto took to his Instagram page to celebrate his 50th birthday, by posting a shirtless selfie and looking quite fit with a slice of birthday cake. The fact that this man is 50 years old has sent the internet into a tizzy.

Jared Leto looks good for being 50 years old, as his shirtless photo reveals. He has a very tone physique and abs that likely take a lot of discipline to achieve. The celebratory pic is also complete with him sporting what looks to be a bloody lip. That could possibly be icing from the very colorful piece of cake he is holding, or some shameless self-promotion for his new film, Morbius, where he plays a vampire. Either way, the man looks good for his age. He currently has 10.2 million followers on his Instagram and the within the nearly 17,000 comments everyone is wondering the same thing, “50 years old?!” You can see the photo below.

It seems as if Jared Leto doesn’t seem to ages as slowly as the vampire he’ll play in the upcoming Morbius. Apparently, the belief that Leto is in fact, a vampire, is shared by plenty of people. Maybe that’s why he has blood on his lip? Either way, he has had a storied career since his introduction to Hollywood in 1992. There are not many people who can make it as both a rockstar and a renowned actor, but he makes it look easy.

Jared Leto’s most recent foray into acting had him go a bit “method” as he was done up to portray himself as an older and sly looking Italian man by the name of Paolo Gucci in the House of Gucci film. Leto is known to take roles in which he must completely transform himself as a person. That is a good reason for how he was able to land a Best Supporting Actor role for playing a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club. His portrayal of the vampire anti-hero Morbius promises to cement him in the Marvel movie world, and also make him one of the few actors to be in both DC and Marvel films.

Jared Leto’s portrayal of The Joker is also rumored to be getting its own solo movie, though there are few details about that just yet. DC is currently working with their own variation of the multiverse, which will likely bring in heroes and villains from all over the years of those films as well. Regardless of being 50 now, Leto will continue his dominance of both the music and the film world.