Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Finds A Sneaky Way To Fire Back At Taylor Swift

By Britta DeVore | 4 months ago

jake gyllenhaal

There may be no fan group in the world that is more diehard than Taylor Swift’s. The unwavering group, known as Swifties, will jump to the singer’s defense at any sign of hardship. Most recently, following the performer’s re-release of her 2012 album, Red, fans took aim at singer songwriter, John Mayer and actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Both men previously dated Swift and each relationship ended poorly enough for the songwriter to pen some diss tracks directed at them.

Along with the album’s re-release, Swift also put out some new music videos to celebrate. One of these songs was “All Too Well” which is rumored to be about Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s crash and burn romance. The video, which is more like a featurette at a whopping 14 minutes, shows the hopeful beginning, tumultuous middle, and heartbreaking ending to a relationship between two characters that look eerily similar to the popstar and her ex-beau. 

Following the song’s re-release and companion video, Swifties descended upon Jake Gyllenhaal’s social media accounts to drag the Donnie Darko star for his alleged bad behavior during his relationship with Swift. That about catches us up on the events leading to the latest drama between the scorned lovers. Just as the feud began to die down, Gyllenhaal – intentionally or not – poured more gasoline onto the fire.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Jake Gyllenhaal dressed up for a companion photo shoot in a dazzling, bright red button up with red heart shaped sunglasses on his head. Immediately, Swifties headed back to the internet to share their hatred for the actor. For those who may not see the possible jab at Taylor Swift taken by Gyllenhaal in the photo, we’ll break it down for you.

Fans are saying that the red shirt Jake Gyllenhaal chose to wear is a direct knock at Taylor’s album, Red, which was home to the song that started it all. On top of that, the sunglasses that Gyllenhaal donned on his head are strangely similar to those that Swift wore in her music video for “22.” All of these things combined are a true recipe for disastrous drama among Swifties who almost immediately opened up their social media accounts once again to go after Gyllenhaal. 

To make the situation even worse (if that’s possible), W Magazine got messy with it on their own social media, posting the interview’s header photo of Jake Gyllenhaal with the caption, “Red (Jake’s Version).” This was a pretty obvious shot at the singer as she named her re-release of Red as Red (Taylor’s Version.) To say the Swifties were upset would be an understatement. Hurling comments such as, “He’s obsessed with Taylor” and “The Swifties are coming for you,” Taylor Swift’s army of loyal fans shot their hate at both Gyllenhaal and W Magazine. In an attempt to cover their tracks, W Magazine quickly took the diss down and posted the photo with a new caption that instead centered around Gyllenhaal’s interview with the publication.

Although this newest installment of drama between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift has been a wild one, things will most likely simmer down soon. However, the spectacle is sure to continue in the future as both seem to not quite be over it just yet.