Jackass Star Steals Elvis Memorabilia?

Priscilla Presley has accused Bam Margera of stealing items that belonged to Elvis, though Bam claims they were a gift.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Jackass star, Bam Margera, has made headlines a lot in the past six months, and most of the headlines relate directly to the actor and skater’s issues with alcohol and drugs. Now, it appears that he has been accused of stealing items from Priscilla Presley after he shared a pic of him hanging with Elvis’s former wife. According to Presley, “At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis’… I still have everything he ever touched.”

Apparently, Bam Margera was gifted a ring and robe that once belonged to Elvis, and he revealed that those items had been given to him by Priscilla. Priscilla Presley refuted those claims and also stated that she had no idea who Bam was when he randomly came over to her house. Priscilla stated that Bam was a guest of her son, Navarone Garcia, and that he told his mother he would be inviting over his “new friend.”

The world had been rather confused that Bam Margera was beginning to post pictures of himself and Priscilla Presley randomly on his personal Instagram page. Priscilla also stated that she did not know that Bam was recording in her home and he also did not ask permission to post the pictures he took online. Bam has claimed to have taken the pictures of himself and Priscilla to show his father, Phil, who is a huge Elvis fan.

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Bam Margera has since apologized on his Instagram page, saying he is “sorry for acting like a jackass.” He claims that the robe and ring were given to him by Navarone, though that claim has yet to be confirmed. Bam has apparently gifted the robe to his father, Phil, and the ring to musician Yelawolf. Yelawolf posted an image of him wearing the ring to his Instagram page, with a thank you to Bam.

We are not entirely sure if this means that Bam Margera was gifted these items or he stole them, or if the items are even real, though Bam has stated in his apology post that they are. What we do know is that Priscilla Presley is well aware of Bam’s struggles with sobriety, and has since stated that she hopes “he gets the help he needs and does what is right.” We can infer that Bam might be in possession of some real Elvis memorabilia and that they should likely be returned immediately.

It does sound a bit odd that Navarone would gift Bam Margera such huge items from Elvis’s personal belongings, without first consulting with his mother. Priscilla Presley has also indicated there is no way she would allow items of this nature to even leave her home, as she has spent a good amount of time protecting them. We certainly hope that Bam has not stolen these items and is passing along a story that they were gifts.

So far, Navarone Garcia has not confirmed the story that he gifted these items to Bam Margera, though it would certainly clear things up to hear his side of things. For now, it appears that Priscilla Presley is doing what she can to get these items back, including speaking to TMZ about it. The best course of action would be to return the items in question and allow everyone to move past this, though Priscilla sounds like she wants nothing more to do with Bam.