Hugh Jackman’s Voice Has Been Damaged

Hugh Jackman spent so long growling as Wolverine that now he's lost part of his vocal range, which is a big deal for the Broadway star.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013)

As we age, we often have to come to terms with the whole “wear and tear” thing we were told about when we were younger, and Hugh Jackman is learning this the hard way thanks to his unrelenting growling prowess as Wolverine. A recent Deadline article highlights the vocal damage the 54-year-old actor is experiencing after years of portraying Wolverine in the X-Men films that propelled him into mega-stardom. The actor with the impossibly ripped muscles has gone on record stating, “My falsetto is not as strong as it used to be, and I put that down directly to some of the growling and yelling I did.”

While losing a bit of vocal range might not seem like a big deal to some, it’s worth noting that the Wolverine star isn’t just a one-trick pony, and has an impressive set of pipes… or should we say had? Hugh Jackman is a prolific Broadway musician when he’s not suited up as Wolverine, and losing even half an octave in range could be detrimental to the song and dance side of The Music Man star’s career. When it comes to vocal conditioning, there’s not much one could do to reverse the damage that’s already been done, but working with a vocal coach to prevent further growling damage would be the best practice if Jackman wants to continue ferociously roaring while also serenading us.

For those that are worried, we’re here to give you a bit of good news: it’s been confirmed that Hugh Jackman will in fact be reprising the role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3, which is slated to come out on November 8, 2024. Let’s just hope Jackman warms up with some blistering arpeggio runs before bellowing out a mighty roar on the set. Sure, some damage has been done to his vocal cords, but some minor technique corrections and a proper warmup routine could prevent the star from seeing any further vocal damage.

the greatest showman hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman

We’re not sure what kind of vocal coach Hugh Jackman would need to keep his Wolverine growls sounding fresh and ferocious, but we know for a fact that he’s no stranger to putting his voice through the ringer like he did for his The Man. The Music. The Show. concert tour in 2019. For context, Jackman played 90 shows between May and October, and covered a number of Hollywood musical numbers backed by a live orchestra. That’s a grueling performance schedule, and he delivered a powerhouse performance night after night without issue.

But does Hugh Jackman have any regrets about growling away some of his vocal range as Wolverine? You’d be surprised to know that the only thing he truly regrets is retiring from the character in 2018, which was short-lived, considering he’s already back at it. While his vocal cords may not be made of adamantium, Jackman will continue to press on as Wolverine. Let’s just hope he lands an endorsement deal with Thayer’s lozenges for those days he really has to belt it out!