Hugh Jackman Updates Fans On His Health Scare In New Video

By Nathan Kamal | 8 seconds ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Actor Hugh Jackman recently took to Instagram to give an update on his recent COVID-19 diagnosis. Last week, Jackman revealed he had contracted COVID-19 and was experiencing mild symptoms. Fortunately, as of his post, Jackman was steadily recovering and was preparing to resume production of his latest musical.

As the class act he is, he also took significant time in the video to praise healthcare workers worldwide. According to the video, Jackman will be resuming his starring role in the Broadway show The Music Man tonight. He also stated this was his first time outside in some days, accompanied by a canine companion that trusted sources tell us is a French Bulldog named Dali. Here’s the post: 

Hugh Jackman is most familiar to worldwide audiences as Wolverine, the breakout star of Fox’s X-Men franchise. From 2000-2017, he portrayed the adamantium clawed antihero, which earned him a Guinness Book of World Records for “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero.” In one of those interesting twists of fate, he was originally not the first choice for the character. The part was written for 2000’s Bryan Singer film X-Men for another Australian actor — Russell Crowe — who passed. The role then went to Scottish actor Dougray Scott. Scott was forced to bow out after scheduling issues on Mission: Impossible 2 interfered (as well as a motorbike accident). For whatever reason, it appears Hollywood was insistent on casting anyone but a Canadian for the character, and it went to Jackman. He finished off his run with James Mangold’s Logan, for which he was widely praised. 

Of course, there is nothing if not an insatiable desire for more and more comic book movies these days. Marvel Comics famously sold off the film rights to many of its properties in the years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a thing.  Spider-Man went to Sony Pictures, while the Fantastic Four and X-Men became a 21st Century Fox feature. All of those characters have made their way back to Marvel Studios to some degree. Disney acquired Fox in 2019, and opened widespread speculation that Wolverine would be rebooted with a younger actor.

However, there has also been heavy rumors that Hugh Jackman may be tempted back to the role for a Secret Wars event. We’ll just have to see. But before he was the Canadian mutant berserker, Hugh Jackman was already an accomplished Broadway actor. He largely began his career with theater performances in Australia, and soon moved to America. After a well-regarded performance in 1998 in a production of Oklahoma! he won a Tony Award for his performance as songwriter Peter Allan in 2004 with The Boy from Oz. It’s pretty great.

It appears the theater bug never really left Hugh Jackman. He has since starred in the popular musical film The Greatest Showman and performed at a 90-show musical tour called The Man. The Music. The Show. in 2019. This most recent production of The Music Man had already had COVID-19 related delays, so it’s a relief that Jackman will be able to be back on stage.