Henry Cavill Reads The Same 50 Points Of Advice Every Day

Henry Cavill reads the same 50 points of advice daily, reminding him of love, hope, and the curveballs life ultimately throws you.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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It’s an open secret that Superman is not a great hero because of his fantastic powers but instead because of the fact that he strives to be the very best person he can be. As it turns out, beloved Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill does the same thing, and he does so by reading the same 50 points of advice each day that were originally written by an 80-year-old. Recently, he read some of this advice for fans, and the advice touched on choosing the right romantic partner, not taking away someone else’s hope, the importance of telling people you love them, the need to deal with people, and life being plain unfair at times.

While Henry Cavill only read a few of the 50 pieces of advice he tries to read each day, the few tips he did share seem very relevant and useful. For example, the first tip mentioned that 90 percent of our “happiness” or our “misery” comes from choosing the right “life’s mate.” And you don’t need to have x-ray vision to have seen many friends and family members ruin their lives by choosing the wrong romantic partner.

The next bit of advice seemed bitterly ironic: to never take away someone else’s hope because “it might be all that they have.” In Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s Superman reminded audiences that his famous symbol actually means “hope” back on Krypton. And by firing Cavill and deciding to hire a younger actor to play Superman, James Gunn and Warner Bros. effectively took Cavill’s own hope away.

Compared to that, the next tip is very sweet. Henry Cavill reminded audiences we should never waste a chance to tell another person that we love them, advice that Clark Kent would likely take to heart with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. This advice is a tad Zen, as it helps us see that admitting the depth of our feelings to another person is not a sacrifice but instead an amazing opportunity.

The next tip came out of left field, but we think it makes for some “super” advice. Henry Cavill casually mentioned that no matter the job you are working, 80 percent of your success is going to be based directly on your ability to deal with people. This is a powerful reminder that our skills will only take us so far, and Cavill is certainly someone whose charisma and easygoing nature have led to as many opportunities as his sheer talent.

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Henry Cavill’s last tip wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it’s one that we all need to be reminded of on a regular basis: life’s not fair. Ultimately, these tips are a powerful reminder that Henry Cavill, like Superman, lives by a certain code that guides his behavior. And it’s a code that any one of us can take on and become that much more like the Man of Steel.

Just don’t expect these tips to give you Cavill’s impeccable jawline because, like the man said, life’s just not always fair.