See Heidi Klum’s Wardrobe Malfunction As She Poses In A Low Cut Bodysuit

Heidi Klum suffers from what may have been an intentional nip slip in her latest social media post.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

Model, actress, writer, and producer extraordinaire Heidi Klum has stunned the world with her goddess-level looks for some time now. Thanks to Instagram, she’s not slowing down. Klum’s latest post on the social media site reveals the star model bent over in a white bodysuit, totally owning the ensuing nip slip.

What most celebrities tend to avoid, Heidi Klum has posted with vigor – just read her caption. Klum did not clarify where the stylish bodysuit came from, but it looks like it may be from Skims, a brand co-founded by Kim Kardashian. Klum and Kardashian, much to the internet’s excitement, recently posed together for the brand with other fellow models, including Tyra Banks.

Best known for her hit show Project Runway, Heidi Klum has graced several TV and film productions, both on and off the screen. Klum also hosts and executive produces Making the Cut for Amazon Prime, appeared in a guest role on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and even showed up alongside Ben Stiller in the fashion world farce Zoolander back in 2001. That scratches the surface of Klum’s prolific career. She often appears as herself in reality and scripted TV shows alike.

However, the fashionista is not afraid to appear in less attractive forms. Heidi Klum broke the internet this past Halloween when she shared photos of her dressed as a giant worm. The intricate and, to many, repulsive costume was donned for the entertainment mogul’s annual Halloween party.

Klum broke the process down a bit for The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that the process of developing the costume took no less than four months. Mike Marino, a Hollywood special effects wizard and frequent Halloween-time collaborator with Klum, didn’t think the costume could be done. But Heidi had a vision.

On Halloween morning, the twelve-hour process of applying Klum’s grotesque and claustrophobic outfit began. The costume did not disappoint, and was eventually shedded to reveal Klum in a gorgeous, shimmering bodysuit. Even on a night Klum dresses like a giant worm, she can still manage to look lovely.

Heidi Klum wasn’t the only model showing out this past Halloween. Photoshoot companion and aforementioned founder of Skims took on an ambitious costume as well. Whereas Klum was covered head to toe in layers of foam and prosthetics, Kardashian was covered in little more than blue body paint in a stunning recreation of the X-Men character Mystique.

Kardashian accompanied an Instagram post of the impressive look with a caption, “Hey, Marvel,” with a side-eye emoji. Does that mean fans will see the celebrity icon transform into the masquerading mutant in a future film? Maybe, maybe not. (Probably not.)

Heidi Klum’s wardrobe, be it a runway fashion piece or a Halloween horror, is always on point. Her latest apparent “malfunction” even seems intentional. There is no doubt Heidi Klum is an expert when it comes to grabbing the attention of her fans and holding it with ease. What fashion antics will she get up to next? Only time will tell. But given her recent social media activity, we may not have to wait long.